[] Phantasmal Paradox: 5m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 75-76 beastly vitality PB-caster Dervish [c+][sr+][vid]

The power of Nex and Ortus were taken away from her after her brief but glorious return back in Ashes of Malmouth. She suffered a defeat in the hands of Harra as a consequence, but archmage Wind Izel with the help of one of the Witch Gods helped her to get reborn and reclaim the infamous swords.

Damn, I should put this fantasy soap together sometime.

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If you collect all the build entries in a PDF,you can have alternative lore mode :slight_smile:

People commonly misspell the archmage’s name. It’s actually Vind Iesel.

I am not bad, but then John went ahead a made a badass cooking youtube tutorial on how to cut and slice your Crucible in the most efficient way: 5:11 run by him.

This talk of nerfing might be tongue in cheek but it makes me uneasy. Glass cannon builds tided over by lots of leech and kiting ability getting a fast time in the hands of a legendary player doesn’t mean one spell is OP. I hope crate understands this nuance in general.


I agree with everything you said except the part where you called this build a glass cannon. It never dies in Crucible which is a huge achievement for a caster with so much damage. The reason it can’t farm SR75 is just the nature of deeper Shards in general: it caters towards shielded tanks or resilient dot-casters that can kite like wind. There are few exceptions like some specs of Venomblade Dervishes that can both kite and facetank or PRM Mage Hunter that is just extremely tough, but in general autoattackers/spam-casters don’t do well there.


While it’s easy to tell just how good a build is when it goes under 6 minutes, mutators matter a lot and also how Crucible spawns. At some point there is too much rng to get into specifics

Give yourself a bit of credit. John’s run had better mutators than your best run. 8% total Damage first half and 10%CDR second half(more ascension) Over 5 minutes, this adds up :slight_smile: From 5:38 to 5:20 on your video or under and if RoS is used more sparingly you get very close to what john did

On topic, Demonslayer is very powerful, I hope harra gets a buff, and personally as a big fan if non spam PB it also gets som versatile mods in that regard as well

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My piloting became pretty decent I would say, thanks, and build is not bad either. But old PC still eats aways quite a bit from the timer.

By the way it’s been very long since you have last posted in my guide, welcome :smile:

Sure, I think glass cannon is too strong a wording in retrospect. Given eg: low armour, not super-overcapped resists and “ok” hp I would probably attribute lots of the survivability to positioning and leech, though, no? I was kind of trying to comment on innate durability in the traditional sense but didn’t convey it right. Thanks for setting me straight the way you did though, I think it’s great I can hop into a discussion as a nobody and have good discussion with veterans without being shouted down for ignorance like in some other communities.

Apparently I’m not the only one who follows your novel :rofl:

It might look on a squishier side on surface, totally understandable. But it’s practically immortal outside of deep Shards and facetanking Mad Queen in Main Campaign. There are too many fail safes in this build that get reset pretty fast due to Aeon and high CDR. There is Resilience - amazing Oathkeeper’s passive that can be up ~50-60% of the time, that’s + max res/+phys res/+ DA. Then there is set’s proc. Then there is Ghoul. Then there is Prismatic Diamond. Then there is Ascension (permanents flat absorb). All those things add layers to the defense, all while build leeches back like no other build ever really. Just look at the Crucible videos, if it’s not one fail-safe mechanism it’s other one that’s up.

And when things get to heated you can always reposition very quickly.

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Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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I recently watched one of my old builds video that i;m trying to revive for FG. I have no idea how in the world I had the patience for that lag. I had no frame of reference. I also have no clue how people put up with them. I could never do that again now.

It’s not intentional I assure you. I have so little time these days. And for a build posting too, not having a mod or something to be able to choose your crucible map drains the life out of me. Sometimes i just can’t sit around restarting crucible for 15 minutes in a row

I think already recommended Grim Internals to you somewhere before. It’s just so easy to use and so easy to set up. I have even minimized all the screen info it can show. I just start Grim Dawn thru special icon and press Crucible and it’s always of the Dead. Saved me so much time and nerves and I wish I had done it earlier.

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Ok i’m gonna have to learn how do that cause it would be a game changer

Feels like we should have c and sr tags for GI and non-GI users too :wink:

Whole process of getting Grim Internals, learning how to use them and launching your first Crucible game with it takes less than five minutes. They have a stickied thread here on the forum. You gotta try it out. Once thing you gonna regret is why you didn’t do that earlier. :grinning:

Yeah i’ll probably feel stupid for glaring at my monitor for minutes in a row containing my after work anger :smiley:

Edit: Wanted to ask, i noticed a lot of russian players use some mods in crucible for hp bars and some other stuff. Do you feel that helps or it’s just subjective

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As someone who was in the same boat, I always thought during those days: “it can’t be that bad”, then 5 min cruci builds popped up while I can only do 10, Mercymaker would do runs on my builds that had 2mins more differential and then I thought I should get a new pc. Now I got one and I can’t even think of going back.

It’s like when Goku got out of his spaceship with 100x gravity when it landed on Namek. He felt so OP.

It’s still griminternals. Just one mod with a shitton of functions. And yes it does help, especially on builds with huge aoe since you can see everyone’s ho instead of just the guy your cursor is on, you can kite/change targets more efficiently. Or that’s how I see it at least.