[] Phantasmal Paradox: 5m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 75-76 beastly vitality PB-caster Dervish [c+][sr+][vid]

It’s still griminternals. Just one mod with a shitton of functions. And yes it does help, especially on builds with huge aoe since you can see everyone’s ho instead of just the guy your cursor is on, you can kite/change targets more efficiently. Or that’s how I see it at least.

Yes toggling monster HP bar on can be nice to pick targets efficiently. Perhaps Crate will implement such a feature in the future for all players to have

It’s been asked a million times. Nope. Get a mod, they say. Maybe sth about immersion. You don’t health bars floating above people’s heads in real life, do you? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We should have build performance with and without health bars, just as we have build performance with and without greens :wink:

You’re right,when I start playing Crucible in early February I watched some videos,how to play and a lot of them from your builds.Since that time you have improved a lot,both times and survival awareness.

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hey…who knows :wink:

Personally I wouldn’t fill my screen with HP bars unless it really did something for me in crucible since you really only do that to take your build to the race tracks.

But other than that I can understand the immersion part.

As long as you can toggle it on/off there is no immersion breaking for anyone.

It is extremely useful for speedrunning. And also gauging build performance. You can only set it for heroes+. Or bosses+. Or only nemeses. I don’t test builds after patches until GI is updated by Gerda.

i’ve done ok so far, but i guess i’d have to see the difference for myself

Atm AI derping out in crucible is the most obvious time eater for me.

I swear, every good run there’s the one guy…generally in lower left or right area

Decided to revisit this ungodly beast and test it versus Lokarr. Recorded a video and it turned out to be a bit long, 19 seconds kill.
Apparently, Lokarr has highest (105%) resist to Vitality for some reason.

Dunno why I couldn’t kill Mad Queen with this build before, it’s actually pretty easy. Made three attempts, was successful in all three, kill timer is around 7 seconds, here is the video of the fastest one (6,5 seconds).

Apparently Rashalga, the Mad Queen also has very high Vitality resist for some reason.

is 45% very high?

How about this dude? https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/150/skills

or do you mean that relative to their other resistances, vitality is the highest?

Yep, relative to her other resistances:


She is also notoriously impossible for spam-casters and ranged auto-attackers. That Chtonian you have linked will probably live 3 seconds against this Dervish :slight_smile:

3? I think 2 seconds :wink:

But ok, relative speaking high vitality resist

Mad Queen is insect or arachnid, it makes sense to have vitality resistance, plus she leeches life. Lokkar is more interesting, since he deals fire damage, makes no sense to be invulnerable to vitality attacks. Update

So this build was target nerfed in patch. Changed shoulders in grimtools link. From Crucible runs build’s power dropped by 10-15%, but can’t say how much of it is buffed Crucible and how much of it nerfs to the build. Uploaded new screenshots. New videos coming soon.



Build is still god-tier the way I built it. So proud, I guess :slight_smile:

But honestly, after testing few more builds, I am certain that Crucible has become tougher, like 20-30 seconds tougher on average.

I am too busy to figuring out my own stuff that got patch changes…
What changes did nerf this build in 1.1.4 ?

According to patch notes cruci wasn’t buffed. Or is it included on the general mob buff on campaign?

Quite a few. Phantasmal Blades were nerfed. Demonslayer set was nerfed. Blightlord Shoulders are now useless for PB builds without conversion. Ascension %damage has been nerfed. Mark of Consumption adtch mod to PB has been nerfed (from 6% to 4%). Resist Reduction and radius on Guardians of Empyrion has been nerfed.

Yes. A lot of monsters have quite a bit more hp and damage in Crucible. Also, somehow monsters getting stuck at spawns problem is back. So expect to lose 20-30 seconds or more of your Crucible timers.