[] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

Thanks. Getting rid of extra button was a breakthru tbh, despite it being the only extra button build has (you gotta have Inquisitor Seal + Corruption obviously).

I never did one so don’t know, sorry. Personally I am not planning on doing one.

dude, thank you so much for this. i’ve played a somewhat similar version of this since inquis was released, but never felt like it was tanky enough for end game. i never thought about using that pants/boot combo. also i love the idea of getting rid of storm box for a bit more defensive devo setup. are you using all of the buffs and a defensive banner in your crucible run?

That’s very impressive results for going all invested on PRM. Congrats. :+1:

BTW, I think that Harry Potter pic is not relevant anymore… :joy:


very good build!
managed to kill new boss in 2nd try :slight_smile:

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no problem :slight_smile: This build was always meant to be tanky and I tried to keep it that way (because there are ways to squeeze in more damage here obviously for the cost of tankiness).

For this build you can either use classic 3 blessings (hp, resists and damage ones) and 1 fully levelled Vanguard Banner in bottom left corner or you can actually go for 4 blessings + 3 level one Storm banners (that way you are going to be 1 coin short after three or four runs in blessings duration).

Yeah, Z. hates melee nowadays :rofl::rofl:

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Hey im kinda new to Grim dawn, how is this build vs [Caster] [] AAR Spellbinder Neon Light Celestial God Slayer (g4) (c+) (sr+) (vid)

Im looking for something that I can focus on maining for all content, cheers

Wow thanks for such a quick response. I feel kind of stupid that I have played this game so long now and haven’t really bothered to check the forums for builds, I had no idea there was so many. I was feeling a bit stuck with this build in terms of being able to do the very end game content, turns out I was skipping over some obvious defensive choices

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I think both are really tanky and have good damage but Mage Hunter is probably more comfortable to play although AAR Binder has much more damage at the end. It also comes down to playstyles, some players (me personally) don’t like to play AAR builds, some don’t like spam-casters like this one.

One thing for sure is that with Mage Hunter there are more options to choose from if you get bored with one build.

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Hello. I’m basing a Mage Hunter off this and it’s amazing. My only confusion: why Seal of Corruption component instead of Seal of Skies? Is it for the -8% lightning RR ?

The spell granted by Seal of Corruption is also excellent to proc devotions - in this build Elemental Storm.

Thank you. Posters below answered your question. It’s super valuable RR and great devotion proccer. You need to interrupt your PRM as little as possible.

Decided to dust off this all time classic and managed a very lucky 5:18 run (great mutators + great piloting). Spec is as strong as ever.

Any chance you post some leveling tips for new players? Would be great.

Hey, man, welcome to the forums. I don’t do leveling guides, but I recommend you search these forums for them: there are plenty of very good and thorough step-by-step guides on how to level efficiently with whatever loot you can farm on the way and buy from factions.

Leveling builds are usually very different to endgames one, endgames builds are about the exact combination of gear/skills/devotions, levelling guides are more flexible and focus on whatever works better on certain level.

So yeah, just search these forums, it won’t be hard to find them. Good luck!

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Hey there here is a pretty nice guide for PRM mage hunter. Once you have the items, you can switch to this build.

If you have enough mats and legendary item you can alöways trade here or on discord for te items you need for this build here :slight_smile:


Yeah I totally don’t remember making this. :sweat_smile:

But PRM with Spellgaze it’s so smooth. Fire,lightning, cold, aether all are good options! But lightning is the best.

Thank you mate, seems like exactly what I was looking foor. It’s up for, but I think it doesn’t matter?

it doesn’t in this case

I just completed the game with this build. I was also able to do the 2 secret quests. First try, Lokar dropped his shoulders. I have also beat a couple of Nemesis with this build, so yes the build is still good. Thanks Mad Lee for all of your builds. Your Malakar build is the other build I have been able to do well with.

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Not sure if I asked before…
I have a Ather PRM Arcanist/Necromancer (Spellbinder)
Did you try that? Any wisdom to share on that?

It looks like this atm, I just level my chars to 100 and the switch to next toon…
So it’s not by any means optimized yet…