[] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

Suggestions for applying this to a sorcerer instead of a mage hunter?

Something like this should work. It’s a quick sketch made in 10 minutes trying not to alter Mad Lee’s original gear / devotions setup too much, so it’s far from optimization, but you get the idea.

Sorcerer requires better piloting, btw, when compared to Mage Hunter.

EDIT: medal augment rune can be changed to use Displacement if you want.


I think Warlock is also a decent choice, it has higher phys res and Curse of Frailty is applied at range, though otherwise it is not as durable compared to Mage Hunter or Sorcerer. I made this before the new patch, maybe Star Pact is optimal now. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAdMnl2

FYI this does seem to be working pretty well with all djnat’s suggested gear in place as a Sorcerer. I opted for Benn’jarr shoulders for better survivability even though the pair I’m rocking don’t have useful skills synergies. Still trying to dial in the skills for optimal DPS.

I am not sure if this has been asked before. I am merely curious as to why you set up three Amatok’s Breath in your hotkeys like that? I genuinely am curious.

I love the build so far, I was going for a different build but was enjoying leveling PRM too much.

Thanks for the great builds and effort you put in to posting them!

is it BAT or RAT? Bat, right? i’m a little confused because the devotions in grimtools are skilled on the rat and the text says rat.
thanks in advance

It is Rat. This build has no conversion from vitality or pierce to elemental, so Bat would be pretty inefficient in leeching health.


Hello All, so i am new to the game and i am when i looked up builds i chose this one. I made it through normal didnt start Elite till like75 cause i was just fooling around with bounties and such. Went into elite and toward the end of the difficulty i kind of hit a brick wall, i am lvl 90 and i can kill normal mobs but most elites i can only kite till mirror is up and then drop a seal hit mirror and dps for the 4 seconds then run again. Needless to say that doesnt work well in timed areas haha. Any hints on what i could be doing wrong?

Hey, man, sorry that you are experiencing difficulties. This is an endgame build, you need a beginner\leveling builds, search for those. Endgame builds are usually 95% gear dependant so without that particular gear and character level 100 there won’t be no build basically.

But post your grimtools and I will try to help based on the gear you have.

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Can this build kill celestials like mog, ravager, callagadra, crate? If not, can it be tweaked to kill them somehow or is it just impossible with this class combo?

I think Mog should not be hard with some tweaks (get max Lightning res on the medal, cap stun res). Cala can be killed almost by any build that can kite, so this one would not be an exception: probably gonna be really tedious tho. No idea about Crate and if there are tweaks that can help against Ravager.

I killed Mogdrogen (easily), Callagadra (super long fight where you have to use Nullification very wisely) and Crate (short fight but not funny, you have to move perfectly) with the sorceress version, so this one should do it too because the playstyle is pretty similar and the mage hunter version is tankier. Ravager is impossible without major changes, which aren’t worth it imho: that fight is a lot simpler with other builds / characters.

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I tried Crate with this build, which has been really fun to play. Crate was not fun. the fight never lasted more than 6 seconds and I stopped after racking up 20 deaths.

This build is all wrong for Crate. As any spam/chanelling caster or AA build basically.

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I realized afterwards that it isn’t going to happen with this build. Not an issue though. It’s an awesome build. I played it for a solid two months!

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Love this build. I haven’t played for a few months and was just curious if changes have had any effect on it?

Only a slight damage loss due to Arcanist nerfs (a bit less OA and crit damage from overload and elemental balance). Nothing crucial.

I’d say build should benefit from overall monster’s resist nerfs despite RR on Censure nerfed too.

why? does ADCTH make PRM count as attack damage?