[] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

I tried Crate with this build, which has been really fun to play. Crate was not fun. the fight never lasted more than 6 seconds and I stopped after racking up 20 deaths.

This build is all wrong for Crate. As any spam/chanelling caster or AA build basically.

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I realized afterwards that it isn’t going to happen with this build. Not an issue though. It’s an awesome build. I played it for a solid two months!

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Love this build. I haven’t played for a few months and was just curious if changes have had any effect on it?

Only a slight damage loss due to Arcanist nerfs (a bit less OA and crit damage from overload and elemental balance). Nothing crucial.

I’d say build should benefit from overall monster’s resist nerfs despite RR on Censure nerfed too.

why? does ADCTH make PRM count as attack damage?

Adtch mod from hat makes you steal 6% of every PRM hit (after monster’s LL resistance), maybe last nod of PRM doesn’t count towards it, not sure.

Updated to

somebody has to unban lee, he has too many builds to update.


And just unabn Duchy too. he need to complete his own Compendium. Even his attitude is not really great (like not want to discuss or take any feedbacks at all), his creativity is unmatched.

Keep on dreamin’. Your best bet to make that a reality is to get ahold of mad_lee and Duchy and convince them both to swallow their pride and find Zantai on Discord or wherever and message him and kiss some serious ass. That’s the only way I see it happening.

Zantai’s not unreasonable but if they can’t show some humility I just don’t see it happening.


Considering that lee’s ban was a 100% dickmove, the only one here who needs to swallow his pride is Zantai

Bitter about something?


The subject of this thread is a build, not about who’s banned. Let’s get back on topic please.

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SR vid, not so fast because of low solo-dps, but in general OK

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Oh god ive been gone for 3 months and lee is banned any way to contact him I have 4 of his builds im working on :frowning:

UPDATED GRIMTOOLS Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Crucible run

And naked extra run

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New run