[] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

Nah, man, we both know it’s a flavour of the season patch broken item that is getting destroyed in I didn’t even bother to try it out.

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Hey @mad_lee, I can’t wait to try this build, I’m currently lvl 58 on my Mage Hunter (also thanks @Nery for the great MH leveling guide).

I’m just wondering if you have an all purple alternate setup? I’m reading that Final March boots are potentially getting nerfed for v.1.1.6, so do you have an alternative legendary boot?

Wyrnscales have nice stun resist plus AoC + ranks but no phys res
Stormbearers have phys res but not much else?
Stormtitans have some HP

Also are there any legendary pants you like for this build?

Hey man, PRM is really fun build indeed!

I have fire version with Tranquil minds pants and Golemborn boots. Golems will probably be buffed and Tranquil are great pants that patch your slow resistance and adds spirit and OA.

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You can use Stormbearers but you gotta craft everything for slow res. I would also wait and see what kind of nerfs Z. got prepared for Final Marches. They might not be too harsh.

But you can try smth like this:


I might actually test it myself as well, maybe 22/12 Supercharged is gonna be better than racial from Fabric of Reality.

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Awesome, thanks to both of you. I’m hoping my timing to get to 94 coincides roughly with 1.1.6 release so we’ll see what happens with possible nerfs/buffs.

Try your luck with Stoneplate Grieves. After the green affix revamp, SGs are BiS on many many builds. And a bunch of affixes got slow res.

I tend not to spend too much time at the blacksmith, if at all possible. I went through my stash and found all the pieces I need for the build (phew) + I have the blueprints for the relic, helm, ammy, and medal.

I have a nice set of Stormbearers which I’ll try and I have a couple diff purple pants which seem to fit the build, now just gotta finish the final grind to 94 to try it out.

I strictly rely on self found items, don’t play the GD Stash game, it feels like cheating lol but I get why you builders do it, 100% makes sense in a game without smart loot.


Yeah, I also used to play without gd stash, but creating builds is like a game within a game. And you definitely need GDstash for that. Actually playing the game (i.e. grinding new characters and loot) became dull to me after 1500 hours. :man_shrugging:

Totally hear you, man. I’m gonna hit that level of hours soon, but I’ve been able to maintain interest in GD by flipping between this game and D3. I still enjoy Greater Rift pushing in D3 and seasons are just ok. They’re introducing new sets to the game now (clearly copying GD here), so there’s some motivation to try them out at least.

GD for me has been about the leveling experience and trying out the builds that you guys post on the forum. There’s no “cookie cutter” builds in this game which is amazing. I actually enjoy the grind, so there’s still plenty left for me to do in GD, I just enjoy D3 endgame more, that’s all.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with after 1.1.6 hits. :+1:

Well, please, do post feedback when you test this PRM build at character level 100 )

Will do for sure. MH will be my 6th level 100 char, so I’ll def compare to my others.

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Does the patch changed anything in the build? Maybe replacing final march with smth else?

I am yet to test stuff in the new patch, don’t have much time lately. I am guessing that no, slight nerf to Final March hasn’t changed anything really (it’s gonna be ~1-2% phys res loss and ~30 DA loss). You can try a link with Stormbearers few posts above, but it’s untested. Primary spec with Final Marches should still be super solid.


Finally got to level 94 over the weekend, I purposely got there on normal/elite only so I could run through all of ultimate with the build. Gear looks good, and yeah you weren’t joking about having to craft for slow res lol

Couple of questions regarding your devotion path: I’m assuming Elemental Storm should be bound to Aether Corruption? I suspect you simply didn’t remap it after you removed Storm Box from the build. Also, is the RR from Hand of Ultos and Viper redundant? I’m thinking you took Viper more for the constellation bonuses it gives to ensure the most efficient pathing.

That’s why I am suggesting trying the original version with Final March! :slight_smile:


Yep, and Viper RR can only be applied thru weapon damage (you need 100% weapon damage to fully apply it), so it doesn’t even work here outside of charge runes. It was taking purely for OA and devotion points.

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Build is still great in the current patch. Tad slower of course due to Lightning meta nerfs, but still super solid.


The guy that does melee tried this PRM build! Thanks for the video, @banana_peel!


You mean likes melee, he’s obviously fast with everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Why no Ludrigans Mark? That one looks fantastic and maybe you can even spare elemental storm that way.

Just on paper. I have tested it and the damage is feasilby worse.

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