[] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

alright. Just help me undestand: You´re going for lightning and the one node that has actually lightning - supercharged - is not even soft capped. Is electrocution that negligable?

Yep, as you can see, build only has +654% to Electrocute, which is super low. I have also tested it with different boots and hard capped Supercharged (had to sacrifice Fabric of Reality for that) and it was slightly worse.

You can find PRM’s damage breakdown at the screenshot in the guide. It’s mostly Fire despite conversion on gloves (because that’s the Crate’s way of balancing this set, lol) but Lightning damage is or should I say was much stronger for this type of build than Fire. Now Fire PRM should be on par. But Lightning would still be tankier.

Just coming back to the game and this build looks super fun and unique. Is it viable for Any changes? Also, i really much prefer to level with the build i’m actually going to use. Is that possible with this build? If so, what skills/devotions should i go for first? Thanks!

You can level with Panetti with no problems, although earlier portions of the game you may start differently like Pain for example and later add Panetti. But both as combo should be fast clearers. Also your priority is to get early Censure at the end of Inquisitor mastery bar and Elemental Storm devotion proc.

But if you want this build you absolutely need the helm, it turns Panetti build into sturdy machine.

Thanks for the quick response! So max PRM, Distortion and Proliferation first and then max Censure?

Can’t say much about leveling but in endgame this is still one of the best casters around.

Leveling with Panetti is not so great. I did that once. PRM is weak without total investment, and doesn’t heal without endgame gear. I’d level with Word of Pain and a component active or guns, then switch to Panetti once you have enough skill points.

As for what first, rule of thumb is 1 point in your dmg skill and two points in mastery every level, picking up essentials for 1p on the way. Once you get to Censure, max it immediately. Then take the second mastery.

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If you have in Shared stash low level vit to aether conversion gear (or some other useful conversion) you can heal with bat bound to PRM. But who has that kind of Gear saved anyways and you cant really do this until level 50 or so.

Agree, PRM is weak without gears, a channeling skill but base dmg is terrible (yes, terrible), takes week to kill a res mob. WoP + RoH is best choice for lvling with every class that includes Inquisitor mastery.

And thank goodness! :smile:

PRM can be used for leveling but most damage comes from high nodes and PRM is point hungry skill, so not the most efficient way to level but not that bad. Also is pretty cool visually.


So I was checking out the new patch notes and notice that Cindertouch fire to lightning is gone now. Do you guys think there a better alternative for gloves with this change? I did a SR 65-66 easily without any deaths, but the build is noticeably slower than before. Not build breaking or anything, but slower than before for sure. I’m sure I could go higher but I have found 65-66 to be my personal sweet spot for difficulty to loot ratio. I haven’t done any crucible runs yet, I tend to prefer SR but I would imagine it to be about the same, a bit slower but still very solid overall.

I have been looking to see if there is any way to pick up the conversion elsewhere but have only been able to find it on a helm which is obviously a no-go due to needing the weapon% from spellgaze. Unless I’m overlooking something it seems like these would still be the best gloves for the build but just curious if anyone else playing this build has any different suggestions. Maybe a strong MI?


Spellgaze is actually used for its adtch mod - not weapon damage. Its weapon damage is overall insignificant addition to PRM’s damage.

There are no good gloves alternatives unfortunately. You can go Dawnshard chest and somehow try to compensate for the loss of all the res and phys res.

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Thanks for clarifying that! I had my thoughts completely backwards on the helm then. I guess this is why I don’t post builds, haha. It is a little disappointing that the build was nerfed a little since it is my favorite character but I guess it could have been worse. Thank you both so much for the quick replies!

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Hey @mad_lee, I was really stoked to see the change to Invoker’s Blaze in the hotfix patch (and a huge ty to Z for listening). Does this change your build at all? I’m now showing virtually equal fire/lightning damage to PRM, does it make sense to try and run it as a hybrid now?

@xMaverickx, here you go Update

That means it’s time to update this old classics! Build is competitive once again.


Amazing. I love this build so much. A caster that handles like a ranged AA, which suits my playstyle much better (I hate casters lol). Seriously, Blizzard could only dream of having a Wizard like this. Can we just consider this build done and never to be touched by Z again?

Those green shoulders though lol :open_mouth:

Just get those shoulders with hp and OA. Those rolls are far from optimal. You probably have tonns of them stashed after farming Shards. :slight_smile:

I have a bad secret to admit. I finally GD stashed. I know I know…

Have to admit it’s taken some fun out of the game for me, but I still enjoy optimizing the builds I play and seeing what they’re capable of.

I’m just busting you bc I actually enjoyed the fact that you advertised a lot of your builds as “MI free”, and I really do like that about your stuff. The MI patch has prob changed that, but 100% purples are still my fav.

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Few patches ago I have changed my views on M.I.'s since farming them became a pretty trivial task. And honestly, Crate has overbuffed a lot of them.

If you have gd-stashed just one item, farm a legit one and delete gd-stashed one. It might make you feel a bit better :rofl:


Suggestions for applying this to a sorcerer instead of a mage hunter?