[] Expelliarmus! 5:20m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 facetank PRM Mage Hunter[c+][sr+][vid]

Btw Grim Dawn gods are trolling me, I got the blueprint for the non mythical version of Spellgaze… lol.

Expected Megumin, wasn’t disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, the few tries i did was no issues

Great guide , im new to the game but im gonna start with this

Your build is the last thing that stopped me to do a 2nd renounce on my inquisitor and couldn’t find it earlier (1st one was a purifier but I wasn’t too convinced and switched to a new inquisitor-arcanist right after level 12 because I couldn’t find a way to forget the 2nd chosen class, too, but messed it again with some wierd and annoying build I’ve found elsewhere.

Long story short, here I am at level 14 trying to change something with already 5 points I’ve put in cunning… So, my only question would be regarding stat allocation. How much do I need to put in cunning / phys and spirit?

Stat allocation depends on your leveling build. I would recommend putting into spirit/cunning just enough points to equip gear and put everything else in physique.

There are plenty of leveling tips for Arcanist or Inquisitor on these forums, but as arcanist you can start leveling with a fireball skill from weapon component Searing Ember coupled with Olexra’s Flash Freeze. That’s gonna carry you first 20-25 levels. Work your way towards Aura of Censure on Inquisitor mastery and upgrade component skills as you level. Or use any other leveling guide, those are just rough pointers.

When I leveled this build, i rushed the nodes on the prm tree and then went straight to censure, it was a bit glassy but nice damage

best build i’ve ever played

liar-liar :stuck_out_tongue:

I noobed 11 points in Pannetti’s after switching to this build and that made me fly to level 27 with the 1st boss of act2 killed without too many problems and without any aura yet. Most likely the 1 point spent in Maiven’s and in Arcane Will saved my arse along with Word of renewal (maybe with some components I’ve discovered I can craft, too).

The build looks too OP so I’ve started looking for a sorc build but would definitely end the storyline with this one.:slight_smile:

Hello Lee! I’m new to the game and decided to follow your guide 'cause panneti’s look awesome when spammed. I have a question though, does Ghoul work on PRM? I literally just got it and decided to bind it to Maiven’s Sphere. I tested multiple times and it doesn’t feel like PRM is doing any life steals. >.< Am I missing something? Sorry if it’s a noob question.

Panetti has a bit of weapon damage with Mythical Spellgaze helm - 24%. That means we are getting just quarter of our effective lifesteal. However, when Ghoul procs our lifesteal skyrockets to 95%, meaning we are going to be getting quarter of that which is still a lot. Plus it gives us temorary Physical resist and with 30% cooldown reduction from gear (with max rolls) Ghoul cooldown rolls back relatively quickly.

The lifesteal from Ghoul devotion nod as well as from Bat nod and Restless remains works very well with Ultos devotion proc which has weapon damage component as well.

Wouldnt Mageguard pants + decent Salazar medal be much better?

Slaszar or whatever that guy is called is just wrong medal for this build - it’s gonna convert elemental to Aether.

Those blue pants cover our resists, to be precise they give us 93% of effective resist. Other stats are just plainly amazing as well as some extra skill points.

You are quite right i didnt catch the conversion to Aether :frowning:

Could someone do a guide on how to get the devotions for those of us not quite as conversant as to which order to take them in please.

it is super easy, very straight forward since we do not need any temporary constellation at all

blue xroads
green xroads
purple xroad
rhowans crown
red xroad
remove all xroads
Spear of heavens
hand of utlos (nodes up to proc)
two first nodes in the lantern

Awesome, thanks.

Well I just found the build I am going to try out with the new expansion.

I thought you’ve accidentally picked hawk instead Scholar’s Light and I chose that one for the sweet elemental damage and the def bonuses ( https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28Q4kGV )

So, why are its bonuses better than other’s?