[] Fire Strike Melee Sorcerer, SR 50, need help refining

I built this Fire Strike Melee sorcerer to favor max proc damage, with decently over-capped melee resists and great OA and DA and it feels… just okay.

Grimtools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28bg8qZ

Downloadplayer.zip (68.5 KB)

Screen caps and video below.

On paper it looks great, far as I can tell, but it seems to get munched too hard to push very high as a melee build. The wrong set of bosses can really kick my ass in SR as well as Crucible (gone as far as CR100 with buffs and towers but no video to post). The Fire Strike damage is good but not as high as some other builds out there with other damage types. So, looking for advice on what I can tune to try to push this one to the next level with damage and survivability, if possible. Please, elder gods @Nery, @mad_lee, etc, favor me! I’m not afraid to take some critique and advice to improve a build in progress so I’d appreciate any help.

SR 50 Boss Video - https://youtu.be/Let_TJmzi6g

Screen Caps below

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You have done admirable job with this build!

So I will write few stuff. For DW melee build few things are important - that’s high attack speed (you’ve got it), life steal and CC resistances, most notable ones are stun and slow oh and physical resistance.

  • Itemization. I will go DW Blazeheart. Also probably Tranquil Mind pants. Also shifting of components/augments like trying to fit Bone in chest and Prismatic Diamond in head, then get 2x weapon augments with fire damage. Belt weakness is lack of resistance but I would sacrifice another slot to get them. Also I would try Iskandra relic, not sure if it’s better for this build :thinking:

  • Skill distribution. Less points in Mental Alacrity and Temper, Elemental Balance is debatable. More points in Concersion for CC, Fire Strike line like put as many points as possible in Brimstone and Explosive Strike to 12/12. Also max them Mines.

  • Devotions. You focused too much on health regen. So I would try route with flat RR devotion like Scales or Revenant, maybe fit Fiend or Bat, something like this one:


But that leaves huge gaps in DA and resistances, so depends :thinking:

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I would play like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYWmEJV a lot safer and more damage if you have the SR set. I didn’t take torch since there is no skill to use though you can spare some point to BWC and bind torch to it. Taking agonizing flames for RR is also an option.

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Looking at Nery’s recommendations first. I did end up going with Scales and I’m working on leveling it up but I really like it thus far.

I will tell you it’s a huge pain in the ass to rebalance all the resistances after changing to Tranquil Mind pants. I think changing the chest and helmet components are out of the question. And this also does torch the DA. It’s difficult to build this one up!

So at this point I guess really the only thing to do is figure out a different devotion map to give us more defensive ability without taking away too many procs. I will fiddle with that this week.

Hey, I can see you have tagged me here asking for some advice. My advice would be getting gear with flat damage bonuses on it, such as Justicar set. Double Blazeheart would also be preferrable. And you should most definitely go for green Demo belt to convert that flat Aether into Fire. Try copying my melee shieldbreaker and adjusting it for sorc.

But mainly, Sorcs play MUCH better as casters. Playing them as anything else is a bit like shooting yourself in a foot. And you have four pieces of a very powerful caster set already.

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Says the guy who made the killer DW pistol sorcerer build, lol!

I get what you mean 100% though.

Haha, that’s a “killer” design from Crate tho - forcing casters to play with double pistols that have no energy regen or casting speed. That build is a pure caster. :slight_smile:

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True, there is no melee involved and barely any ranged. :rofl:

Good thought about the justicar set. I will try that setup this week and see what I can finagle.