[][Guide] Trozan's Ice Shard - A cold Warlock Beginner Guide

permanent buffs, Blood of Dreeg and Dryad’s Blessing active


Welcome to my Warlock guide intended for fresh players with no gear in their stash !
The thread offers a complete levelling guide, a very cheap lv100 setup you can use to farm your gear and various links to end-game specs for you to later transition into.

What is the build about

This is a kite, pure caster focusing on Trozan’s Sky Shard, a nuke AoE spell consisting of meteors dropping on your foes.
The side skills are debuffs and utility to enhance Trozan’s, and you can use a component skill as a filler spell if you want something to spam during cooldowns.
As a kite build, it is squishy and requires good gameplay (positioning, cooldown management) to work well.


Build Overview

  • Affixless Setup (click me)
    This is a 99% budget and target-farmable setup, the stats are balanced without affixes to allow flexibility with any roll you get.
    The only RNG part is the Seal of the Night, the blueprint is a random drop but it should drop quickly from doing totems in Ultimate. Other options are a Seal of Skies, or Deathchill Bolts to be 100% budget. The belt and medal are craftable and cheap if you want specific rolls.

  • Affixless Lightning Variant
    Bonus setup focusing more on lightning damage : the weapon slot is free, you can use whatever you find. Devotions keep the same defensive core, cold offensive devotions are replaced by their lightning counterpart ; the path is explainded in the Devotions section of the levelling guide.

  • My own Setup

Levelling Guide

  • Kymon’s Chosen or Death’s Vigil
    Side with Death’s Vigil as some of their faction armours are useful. You can also buy the blueprint for a lv35 belt with +1 to Arcanist.

  • The Witch Cults
    We will later use Bysmiel’s Cult’s faction gear, I advise siding with them in elite and ultimate to raise their reputation quicker.
    In normal mode, look at the faction vendors and the movement augments they sell, to see which one you prefer. I sided with Dreeg for the teleport ability.

  • The Outcast and Barrowholm
    Side with them to gain access to their augments.


Mostly in physique, you may want to keep a dozen free points in case you need more spirit to equip some gear.

Levels 1 to 5

We begin as an arcanist, one point in the mastery bar and the rest on Panetti’s Replicating Missile.
We’ll be spamming it until we reach lv5 and gain access to the Spirit Guide.

Levels 5 to 20

When you can, respec from Panetti’s, advance to 5 points in the mastery bar then take Olexra’s Flash Freeze (OFF) to at least 10/12.
At lv5, you gain access to weapon components that grant skills. Our options are Chilled Steel and Searing Ember, though the former is ice themed, the latter synergizes better with OFF. A single cast of OFF takes care of most mobs, your component filler spell is there for the rest.

Put then 5 more points in the bar and max Trozan’s Sky Shard (TSS) : we got our main skill.

Now we unlock our second mastery. Choose occultist and invest 10 points in the mastery bar, 1 points in Curse of Frailty (CoF) and max out Vulnerability. Resistance Reduction is an important mechanic, it will enhance our damage, especially against resistant enemies.

At lv15, you can use an upgraded version of your component skill, by crafting either Deathchill Bolts or Flintcore Bolts at a blacksmith.

  • My lv19 setup
    Note : Don’t hesitate to be more flexible with your skill points if you find gear with relevant skill bonuses or modifiers. Here, my amulet gives me more Offensive Ability (OA) if Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange (IEE) is toggled. Be careful however as some modifiers may be detrimental to you, for example the same amulet would convert my damage away if Blood of Dreeg (BoD) was active, so I’ll later need a replacement before I take BoD.

Levels 20 to 35

Back to arcanist, our next objective is Shattered Star, invest in the mastery bar until rank 20, put one point in Nullification for utility (it will be useful, trust me), and Frozen Core to profit from the Spectral Bludgeon bonuses, then straight to rank 40, and max Shattered Star. If you think you take too much damage, a few points in Maiven’s Sphere of Protection helps negating incoming damage.

Levels 35 to 65

We continue down the arcanist line by maxing the mastery bar and Star Pact for the valuable Cooldown Reduction (CDR).
Then, get Overload to at least 12/12 for the Offensive Ability, to fully utilize the critical damage from Shattered Star. Progress in the occultist mastery to grab Blood of Dreeg for another heal, and max Aspect of the Guardian for the resistances.

As you enter elite, you can respec the points from OFF as it outlives its usefulness.

Levels 65 to 100

The main skills are in place, work towards the final build by putting points in what you need at the moment : Frozen Core, Inner Focus, Devastation for offense ; Maiven’s Sphere, Mirror of Ereoctes, Wasting via Bloody Pox for defense.
Use a Seal of the Night or Seal of Skies when you find the blueprint to gain a little dps.


When gearing, I advise prioritizing healthy resistances and relevant skill bonuses before anything else. My goal is getting 60% to all resistances when entering elite, and 80% for ultimate. As a rule of thumb, at least 25 OA and DA, and 100 hp per level is the bare minimum I aim for.
Here are some important items to get while levelling :

  • Spectral Bludgeon (Act 2, Monster Infrequent)
    It makes TSS pure cold damage, adds a large amount of frostburn damage and allows to solely focus on cold. The OFF modifiers are also a nice addition.
    It drops from ghost enemies, an early place to farm them is a cave just before the first Rovers camp. The same ghosts drop Ectoplasm, a great solution if you happen to have troubles with energy.

  • Rolderathis’ Tome (Act 2, Monster Infrequent)
    More ranks, more focus, less cooldown, the perfect off-hand for TSS. With it, you can finally and reliably hit an enemy with all 3 projectiles, making the skill an actual boss killer.
    Acquire it by killing Rolderathis in a cave blocked by rumble in the Flooded Passage, you will need dynamite. Be careful, he highly resists cold damage and does a fair amount of cold too. I advise getting some Resistance Reduction in the devotions before and having high cold resistance yourself. Remember that you can reduce his damage with Nullification if needed.

  • Bone Talisman
    Acquired by not giving the old talisman to the Rovers, this relic provides a good damage buff and can help if energy is tight.

  • Sanctuary (lv25)
    I recommend using it if you get the blueprint as the defensive proc is strong, and the reduction to the physique requirement of armours is very useful since you don’t get much physique from the masteries.
    The blueprint is a random drop, or can be bought from Hyram the vendor in Steelcap District (Ashes of Malmouth).

  • Haunt (lv35)
    The earliest relic giving a very useful +1 Arcanist, as well as a few good stats.
    The blueprint is a random drop, or can be bought from Hyram the vendor in Steelcap District (Ashes of Malmouth).


Our first focus will be getting Resistance Reduction as early as possible, to make killing Rolderathis easier as we want his book, and the pathing is a little complex so a fair amount of respecing is involved.
(+) means to take the node, (-) means to respec it.

  • (+) Crossroads Eldritch
  • (+) Bat
  • (+) Quill
  • (-) Crossroads Eldritch
  • (+) Crossroads Ascendant
  • (+) 3 points in Rhowan’s Crown
  • (+) Crossroads Chaos
  • (+) Crossroads Primordial
  • (+) Eel
  • (+) Murmur
  • (-) Crossroads Chaos
  • (+) Amatok
  • (+) Empty Throne
  • (-) Quill
  • (-) Crossroads Ascendant
  • (+) Behemoth
  • (-) Bat
  • (+) Lizard
  • (+) Solemn Watcher
  • (-) Lizard
  • (+) Dryad
  • (+) Chariot of the Dead
  • (+) Finish Rhowan’s Crown
  • (+) Ultos

Lightning Variant
  • (+) Crossroads Eldritch
  • (+) Bat
  • (+) Quill
  • (-) Crossroads Eldritch
  • (+) Crossroads Ascendant
  • (+) 3 points in Rhowan’s Crown
  • (+) Viper
  • (+) Crossroads Primordial
  • (+) Widow
  • (+) Behemoth
  • (+) Empty Throne
  • (-) Quill
  • (-) Crossroads Ascendant
  • (+) Lizard
  • (+) Solemn Watcher
  • (-) Lizard
  • (+) Chariot of the Dead
  • (-) Bat
  • (+) Dryad
  • (+) Tempest
  • (-) Crossroads Primordial
  • (+) Hawk
  • (+) Ultos (without the left node)

Build Explanation

An explanation of the skills and devotions I use.

  • Trozan’s Sky Shard
    The star of the show.

  • Curse of Frailty + Vulnerability
    Very valuable Resistance Reduction debuff so we max out Vulnerability. Additional points in Curse of Frailty are purely for quality of life as it increases the radius.

  • Blood of Dreeg + Aspect of the Guardian
    The former is a (strong) self heal and buff that grants Offensive Ability.
    The latter is a massive defensive buff, giving resistance to physical damage, the build’s most dangerous threat, as well as taking care of our poison resistance.

  • Devastation
    We only convert around 1/4 of its damage so it’s only a decent AoE ability, I use it mainly to proc Blizzard consistently where AoE is needed. Cooldown Reduction is very useful to get more Devastation uptime thus more Blizzard.

  • Bloody Pox + Wasting
    A great devotion proccer among crowds, and the Wasting node debuffs the enemy’s Offensive Ability, which effectively means more Defensive Ability for us.

  • Mirror of Ereoctes
    A 3s invincibility skill, as useful as it sounds. Increasing the rank and Cooldown Reduction greatly improves the frequency at which we can use it, and it’s an important part of our defensive arsenal.

  • Nullification
    The second defensive tool of an arcanist. Useful to strip any deadly debuff or DoT off you, or to negate an enemy’s elemental damage. Or both, with good positioning. Definitely worth a few points.

  • Olexra’s Flash Freeze
    A large “debuff” that freezes lesser enemies and deals slight damage. Though useful in normal difficulty to clear trash mobs, its damage falls off quickly and the skill becomes mostly pointless.
    For that reason, it is not used in the final build but you could add it if you wanted more Crowd Control to farm Monster Totems.


The build features an unusual array of defensive devotions to grant sustain to the build, compared to the popular way of health leeching through Bat, Scales, Wendigo… The reason is that we don’t have easy ways to convert those abilities’ damage to cold, thus I went for self-healing devotions that prove very effective thanks to Cooldown Reduction.

Offensive Devotions :

  • Rumour (Murmur)
    A debuff with Resistance Reduction that spreads among targets, with a little more Offensive Ability reduction on the enemy.

  • Elemental Storm (Rhowan’s Crown)
    Creates a pool of good AoE elemental damage, with a large amount of Resistance Reduction.

  • Blizzard (Amatok)
    Large and strong cold AoE damage with some Crowd Control.

  • Hand of Ultos (Ultos)
    Mainly used for the kind of Resistance Reduction it provides, which is most effective against highly resistant enemies. The proc does some okay AoE damage since our %lightning damage isn’t too low, and the devotion nodes give %cold and %frostburn damage to make it worthwhile.

Defensive Devotions :

  • Dryad’s Blessing (Dryad)
    Very short cooldown heal ability with great nodes on the way. The buff grants a bit of armour, it’s always appreciated on a caster with inexistant armour to begin with.

  • Wayward Soul (Chariot of the Dead)
    Decent heal with a rather long cooldown, but the proc gives a generous amount of defensive stats. It benefits a lot from Cooldown Reduction to upgrade the uptime.

  • Giant’s Blood (Behemoth)
    Large heal with a large cooldown. We get a bit of health regen from the buff, and some very needed max health from the nodes.
    It is best bound to Arcane Will so that it procs faster but only when you need it most.


The build allows you to farm rogue-like dungeons and totems to acquire gear. It has not been tested in Crucible or Shattered Realm nor against Lokarr as I advice having higher quality gear to attempt that.

Steps of Torment

Port of Valbury

Bastion of Chaos

Ancient Grove

End Game Builds

Thanks and Postface

I’d like to thank Nery and Evil_Baka for their awesome guides I copied inspired myself from :heart:

I also want to add that the build only uses utility skills from occultist and could be adapted to level other classes such as Sorcerer or Druid.

Feel free to leave some feedback or ask any question about the build or mechanics, thanks for reading !

  • update 08/08 : fixed the devotion part of the levelling guide (the + and - weren’t shown properly), added a fancy summary, corrected a few typos and sentences
  • update 11/08 : added a lightning variation of the build and the appropriate devotion guide, slight modifications on the other setups

Awesome build!

I am grateful for all players posting beginners builds.

I have a sketch about TSS/Sigils cold Lock in my topic, but never finish it. So good you made it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Nery, I agree we need moooar beginner guides :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have loved to include the Sigils but the conversion options just aren’t convenient enough, I didn’t like my own sketches with it (and the magi shoulders are too hard and expensive to farm)
How did your sketch perform ?

Here’s the link to my sketch:

WOW, year ago. Don’t remember how it performs. Just the idea to use belt for vitality to cold conversion.

I am realy in love with this build. First time I play a not-dot-caster. Nuking stuff with spells feels great.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPjB4G2 at act 1 in ultimate right now.

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Glad you like it, thanks for the feedback !

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Ive never had much interest in TSS, but this build guide is beautiful. Great color scheme, and very well organized. Easy to read, easy to follow. This is so well made Im now actually interested in exploring TSS! Will be following this guide when I do.

Thank you for putting the time and work into this. It is a great contribution to an awesome community. Im looking forward to trying it!


Yeah. Nothing bad to say about it. The whole level process was realy smooth. Never got any Problems.

defense are good enough. Sometimes you need to kite a little but its ok.
Offensive its a blast. At the point I got all my devotion points and got ultos + bloody pox its so much fun. Mob groups die with course + bloody pox combo and devotion procs :smiley:


Kiting is part of the Trozan experience, or was, when you get some mythical Trozan pieces to use the Sigils of Consumption, you’ll be leeching enough to stand your ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Great color scheme

I was afraid it was too childish or something, thanks for clearing my doubts.

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This is exactly what I’m looking for. Now I can start my HC Warlock following this guide. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ui Hardcore… Good luck :smiley:

the build is IMO ultra squishy. Thats me right now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLYXlLZ
farming totems and dungeons for better gear. 9 000 hp and not much armor. No way to leech. But 3700 OA TROLOLOOL

It is indeed really glassy, I wouldn’t take it into hardcore unless you love adrenaline (which is probably what hardcore players want :stuck_out_tongue: )

Getting Mirror to 12/12 and not being shy about using it is a large part of the defence, as its cooldown gets really low. You can also aim for a Glacial/Thunderstruck prefix on your off-hand, physical resistance is very valuable and it’s a good investment of your time as most Trozan builds will use that off-hand.
Anyway, congrats on the upgrades Dabuwa, things should get better now with that scepter (and nice OA lmao, enjoy the crits everywhere)