[] [HC] Gargaban's Corruption - DW Ranged Vitality Fire Strike Defiler (SR50+, Mog)

This alongside the inspiration from Afanasenkov’s as well as Valinov’s versions made me wanna try a Gargabol’s Corruption Defiler in HC and here is the result:

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLOqEG2


Youtube Playlist

highlight/guide video

  • vs dummy ~24s

first tries vs:

Note: I have not tried not tried SR 65+ or Crucible 150-170 yet, but imo it should be doable (and easily so on SC).


Feedback & Final Words

Very good rework of Gargabol’s Corruption, giving an underwhelming class a strong build! Also the new mythical Gunslinger’s Jacket aswell as Mark of Plagius fit perfectly.
Special thanks again to @afanasenkov26 and @Valinov !

Hope you enjoy the pewpew :gun:


Nice build! Actually, one question - why not full Blood Knight?
I understand the point of taking this chest+this medal but imo, full BK is too strong (as it’s one of the Holy Quartet of vit sets - BK, Blightlord, Dark One and Wildblood).

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Nice build! I am also interested in checking your leveling videos :slightly_smiling_face:

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BK’s attack speed and phys res is huge indeed, but Ravager of Flesh’s helmet’s +1 all skills and the %HP is pretty good in HC aswell. I mostly didn’t wanna just copy your build, but try sth else, especially the new items (medal+chest). Gunslinger chest’s cunning reduction is pretty neat.

Sweet, I asked yesterday about leveling tips for this build in @afanasenkov26’s thread and a day later, like mana from heaven, you post a well done guide with leveling tips. I like Purifier but get tired of always casting and standing on the seal so I think this will be fun.

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I’m totally loving this build - just hit 94 this afternoon so I could start using the pistols and it’s as fun as I hoped. I’ve been bummed that pistol builds seem so inferior to my Purifier they weren’t much fun to play. This seems to be an exception.

I’ve already tried a few devotion paths while finishing the main game content - I’ll post a few thoughts after more thorough experience.

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