[] Ineffective skill modifier on Bonemonger's Hood


I use Aether Siphon Souls to attack Dummy under ‘no Guardian’, ‘Guardian aura’ and ‘Guardian attack’, then they deal absolutely SAME damage
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@Zantai Check it plz.

Do you have a point in Celestial Presence? Due to limitations, the modifier does not apply to their melee swings, only the resist reduction aura.

Resummon your pets after you equip the item.

I was gonna post this, but the OP did say he/she used Guardian with Celestial Presence.

I assume Guardian Aura means it had Celestial Presence.

But i think it’s what Zantai said, the Guardian needs to be resummoned everytime anything about it gets updated. So if the OP turned on Celestial Presence without resummoning it, the aether RR mod won’t apply.

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Let’s add +2 to Guardians to the helm.
Then every time you equip it, Guardians will disappear making you resummon them :wink:

Of course I do, I’ll show you video later.

Fixed in the next update, thanks.

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Here it is ,Test video.

Aether Siphon Souls still deals 688 damage after summon Guardian with equiping Bonemonger’s Hood.

BTW, I found the skill Shattering Smash deals no Main-Hand damage, AND the skill’s wave deals no even shield damage to further enemies, is that an another bug?

Unrelated, but yes, the shield’s damage was not fully calculated into the wave damage.

We’ll address that as well.


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