[] Olexra of Vire - OFF + Vire + Judgment Templar, SR 65+


The reason behind this build is to use The Mageslayer set which empowers Olexra’s Flash Freeze (works on nemesis) and makes useful its fire resistance reduction. OFF is combined with Vire’s Might and Judgment. Both are fully converted to fire and have reduced cooldowns. It is extremely funny build - you freeze enemies with OFF, judge them and then skate through them using Vire’s Might. You can be practically in constant movement and if you play carefully you don’t get hit much + freezing enemies with OFF. This build kills everything quite fast. SR 65-66 is easy.

I have other builds using OFF here , here , here , here , here, here and here .

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0ag51Z

Crafting bonus on helm, belt and ring is to stun resistance. Build uses one monster infrequent item - Zarthuzellan’s archive - try getting a prefix with physical resistance.

image from the game with passive buffs only



high critical damage - 98 %

OK OA - base close to 2950 OA and with Ascension around 3100 OA

high fire resistance reduction - up to 79 % without OFF and up to 197 % with OFF

damage from devotions - Magi, Solael’s Witchblade, Ulzuin’s Torch and Revenant


OK life above 12500 HP

OK DA around 2950 DA

OK lifesteal 10 %

freezing enemies using OFF

with good movement you can reduce getting hit

OK CC resistances without Ascension (high CC resistances with Ascension)

reasonably overcapped resistances

OK physical resistance 23 %

lower armor - above 1900

% damage absorption from Maiven’s Sphere of Protection

flat damage absorption from Ascension



Prismatic Rage from component

Mirror of Ereoctes (saves the day when things go tough)



This build does SR 65-66 easily. I don’t push my characters higher but it can go higher if you are a skilled player. I don’t play Crucible so I don’t have a time number for it.

image from SR 66


Hey there, newish player here! Im about to make my 3rd character. So far I got nex/orthus spellbreaker (the one that made me love OFF lol) and obsidian tremor pyro so far, both missing 2 items to finish the builds, and I thought about this one, specially for multiplayer (I play with 2/3 more friends usually). Is it a good option? I think OFF is great for multiplayer and I wanna try a caster. My initial thought was to make a lightning Druid, but after seeing this I think it might be better… if not, what would be the best/most fun caster for multiplayer?

I never play multiplayer games but It could be useful for the others as well. Check out my other OFF builds and pick one. I would take this one. Kills pretty fast. If you would want to freeze things as often as possible then pick up my AAR + OFF Sorcerer but it is glassy.

The combination of OFF and Judgment kills trash in singleplayer almost instantly. So this build has great AoE on trash.

Nice! I think this would be cooler as well, and I have almost all the items, just missing the weapon and rings… offhand can be easely farmable as well :slight_smile: Thnx for the input!

Any tips on leveling this char? im getting my ass kicked really bad lols

Conflagration + OFF from level 35 until then I would do Fireball + OFF or you can do TSS until level 35.

sounds good! gotta try that!