[] Rahn's Rocket: 5:10m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 75-76 (SR 100), Celestials killer lightning caster Sorcerer [vid][cr+][sr+]

I can see that you tanked it up a bit, which is totally understandable, nice take. One thing that I would recommend is pumping Thermite Mines to the max. This will help a lot in fights like the ones you have mentioned. And faster you kill someone like Grava - the safer you are.

Added this sick “naked” run, performed by supertolik (with maximum Spirit dump too).

Do not repeat this at home! Update

Reworked the devotion map and changed a belt and some components. Cindertouch gloves got nerfed out of this spec, so we welcome Wyrmbones that synergize pretty well with the Lightning side of things. Build can now easily farm SR 75-76 and is a rock in Crucible.

100SR cleared. Plenty of deaths, but 've managed to slay Reaper and Kaisan on small arena.


Razor sharp piloting, mate, thanks for the vid.

I am also going to add your videos with Crate and Mogdrogen kills if you don’t mind:

And couple of more videos demonstrating the power of this Rocket:

My fastest Crucible run with it:

And @supertolik’s amazing “naked” Crucible Gladiator 150-170 run with extra spawn:

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i really like this build when playing in high SR. but after the update this morning, when i log into my char, this build got destroyed pretty bad. and when i read the patch note, i realize that not only the skill itself got nerf radius, but also the only option to get full lightning Canister Bomb is to use full set Barrelsmith (since u can only get 100% pierce dam conversion that way). Well, at least it can get 100% fire convert to lightning with well-rolled Barrelsmith guns, but actually Barrel + Ulzuin isnot something new. Feel really bad for a good Sorc…

Not the first time @Zantai target nerfs my builds. I don’t like this particular nerf because it once again limits the diversity and forces the players to use two guns and two guns only. Well, gonna try and rework it around new patch I guess.

Please do report if you gonna try and adjust it for two guns.

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All right, Zantai, we will play a caster with two pistols if you keep insisting so much. Build has lost some quality of life but damage wise it’s the same or ever stronger. Survivability is better though because of Mark of Divinity.

@gutten_morgen, you gonna like the new Rahn :slight_smile:


since we can convert 100% fire to lightning with 2 pistol, is Stormfire better than Chain Lightning now? i did try a few times with your new Rahn in SR 75, and i feel like Stormfire not only got better dam wise, but also range is more suitable than CL. you need to be very close to enemies to cast CL, but you can stay really far to shoot SF, and the fragments are really good for aoe

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It’s a matter of taste here. Component’s damage is like 1% dps here. I prefer CL because of casting speed (caster pistols don’t have it) and higher WD for better leech. But since build became even tankier it’s mostly QoL from extra casting speed.

How did you find new iteration of the build?

even though i really like the creativity and big CDR with Eternity relic of the old Sorc, this new one is still god-like. i dump more points to physique to play SR (at least 2k7 DA, since my reaction inside boss room is quite slow), the result doesnt change much from old Sorc. Right now i’m trying Elementalist with the same concept, to utilize the WPS and atk speed of those pistols: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2J3om0V
but in the end, even with bigger RR and awesome proc-machine like Wind Devil and Tortem, its still worse than Sorc for some unknown reasons

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Creativity and breaking up sets is apparently frowned upon by Crate as can be seen thru many patches. :rofl:

Sorcerer is just a god-like class oozing with all kinds of synergies. It allows you to gear very offensively because of its CDR and multiple fail-safe mechanics. Elementalist got raw damage but no real defenses to fall back on.

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Safest sorc ever. :ok_hand:

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I wonder if it’s close to the fastest one too. In theory, Fire CB setup should be stronger due to better itemization. But then again, it would be fire with a single RR.

Thanks for the sick vid, gonna add it to the op, unlucky you got Maiden at 170, could be 4:30 if it wasn’t for her.

Not a fan of super deep Shards or naked Crucible runs but this Sorc is so easy so recorded few vids for people who like unfair and unbalanced challenging content:

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Hello. First of all, thanks for your work, i’ve been following your builds for a very long time and it alwas was a pleasure, especially your vit conjurer <3.
I want to ask, by your opinion, which build is stronger overall, your sorc or this? Invoking the elements ( - the all-mighty Sorceress (EVERYTHING+)


I have played @Dmt’s sorc and it’s a very good build, tanky and fun. But this Sorc (Rahn’s Rocket) is definitely stronger in all departments. It’s the strongest Sorc overall and pound-for-pound one of the strongest builds in the game. Let’s hope Zantai leaves it alone, lol.

Thats cool. I assume its better to level as pure fire now, since lightning transmutter have been gutted?

It’s been ages since I have leveled anything. You better consult some of the beginners\leveling guides for that.