[] Storm Knight - Primal Strike with a shield Archon, SR 65+

No builds uses the component skills as 100% main attack, since they do not deal enough dmg. They are more used as fillers.

This is how you find builds and skills they use.

Go here Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) tap “Crtl + F + F” and search for “chain lightning” in this case

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I think there is atleast one that uses beronath’s fury. I wonder in some post, when I click to reply to another’s comment it shows on my comment that I replied to ‘‘X’’. But in some, it doesn’t show anything. Like here in this comment. I reply particularly to you.

yeah that is true but it most of the damage comes from the WPS that procs from it and is therefore just a small step above using pure autoattacks. beronaths fury in it self is trash damage. But I guess you can call it a main skill, but not main dmg skill or soemthing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking to do a 2h melee mage hunter that uses beronath btw. I don’t like pistols…

I know its probably been said, but I thought PS was just 2 hand. How can you use it? I’m missing something.

Stormrend weapon. Its is similar to Spellscourge shield that enables devastation without a caster off-hand

You can farm it from Aetherwarped Monster Totems. It allows you to use PS with single handed weapons.

Thanks, I didnt see it listed on the weapon, I have one in the bank, 3 more levels till i can use it.



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Yeah I knew that my comment will bring the wrath of birbs upon me :slight_smile:


I updated this build to patch This build got buffed. Stormrend received 4 % phys res and more PS damage. Shield received support for lightning Aegis of Menhir.

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sir! How can i use primal strike with one handed weapon! newbie here !

The axe enables it. You can farm it from aetherwarped totems. Until you have it you have to use 2H PS.

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thx SOOO mutch!

Awesome build Duchy! Can I ask which do you prefer between Warder and Archon? Assuming a shield build of course. What are the pro/cons of each?

They are quite similar. It is up to your own preference. I like throwing shield more. Both could have a bit more CC res.

ok so. I love primal strike and am using this build. how do you use primal strike with axe and shield? do I need access to some special item? help :slight_smile:

Stormrend enables Primal Strike with one handed weapons. It’s the only item that does that so there is no replacement.

ah, yeah I can’t even see that on the weapon so…had no clue. thanks! :open_mouth:

So, I had several Ultos sets, even the level 75 one, and no Archon build so I had to try this one. Had multiple copies of the other items too. It’s a blast to play, zip around, Wind Devil and AOM to thin out the packs, and then charge in and PS with Wendigo Totem. Really a fun build, thanks for posting. I have one of Nery’s Ultos builds too, and it’s also a very good and fun one.

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