[] Behemoth - physical AAR Templar [SR100] [4.50 crucible] [All celestials]

thanks for reply. Do you have any opinion about secondary class choise? i tought about soldier over oathkeeper. I know this will be the differenet build but do you have any tought about this?

Soldier is just not worth it. It’ll be easier for leveling, sure, but at the end - you will significantly lose in damage and survivability.

I tried to play around with it and was unhappy with the chest piece. What do you think about my suggestions? Maybe I’m missing something:


Edit: I replaced the chest piece and changed the ring augments (vit is converted to phys anyway with the belt).

Edit 2: And some other augments to get pierce resistance up. :slight_smile:

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I can’t see a point in this chestplate, tbh.
Like, you lose 80% damage and 15% racial from the piece itself and lose 120% damage from cunning to gain 6% additional phys res (which is great, but tankiness is the lastest problem here), 100 armor, a lot of chaos res, 6% crit damage and a bit of CC res (stun is already capped)

Certainly not the worst trade-off, but…Build is capable of passing SR95 deathless and it’s literally immortal in cruci. Moreover, the sustain might even get worse, because damage=survivability. So, I doubt that these changes are needed.

As for ring augments - converted vitality damage doesn’t mean a thing here, because there’s no %WD on AAR.

UPD: Oh, and what’s wrong with the Rah’Zin chestplate here though?

SR100 and Iron Maiden:


Added ALL celestial kills to OP. Now it is:


This build looks super cool but one thing worries me; how is the energy regen? Do I need to juggle potions or pharma, or can I rely on procs/devotions naturally?

Scales mainly solve this problem, but while kiting sometimes energy goes low (because nobody is attacking you at the moment), so naturally you drink some energy potions.

first attempt on naked crucible in this patch:

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What would you say is a “perfectly rolled” Gargabol ring?

This? > https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a8DXgN

Looks great, just make sure to cover up all resistances nicely.
Although, I’ve thought of Imposing/Stonefaced of Ruin, but this also works fine.

Very nice and op build! Thanks a lot

I’m kind of newbie yet. Could you pls help me with how to build this setup? Acrually the problem is with how to spend skil points and devotions in the begging/mid game. I’d appreciate that a lot!

Hello there.
The only adequate way to level this templar is leveling with fire and only then, after acquiring dagger+offhand, going into phys damage.
I’d recomend to use Callidor Tempest with Kyzogg’s MI or Eye of Reckoning. Since nobody has written any templar leveling guide so far, I can only give this guide by @Nery, but instead of Demo, use Arcanist. Maybe author will be kind enough to give you some usefull direct advises on the topic.

Templar is kinda tricky class, since it’s inherently glassy (not your build ofc), don’t have much leveling gear options and generally not cookie cutter leveling option.

@madara_op if I have to level Templar from the scratch will go Vire Might/Callidor Tempest perhaps focusing on fire/burn damage.

As for leveling very often start Bat then Quill and Elemental Storm. Storm have flat RR and also nice damage boost early on and Bat for healing. Kyzogg off-hand is possible for CT build and then Zartuzelan Codex for Vire build also is an option.

Surprised you say that, Templar is absolutely trivial to level unless you’re asking for some specific awkward playstyle.

I mean Templar is not the class, which is that straightforward. If you’re new player you might screw up. And Templar is still not tanky class and have limited amount of gear options.

I would love to try some day Templar and build to Vanquisher set though :slightly_smiling_face:

Leveling Templar with OFF + Conflagration is extremely easy.

what kind of levelling is not easy with conflagration ? ^^

The kind when you’re already level 90+ on Ultimate and Conflagration simply doesn’t cut it anymore, but your stash is empty because it’s your first character :slightly_smiling_face: