[] Build of Summoner for HC SR 100 ~ 120 (super self recovery) Idea share for futher HC summoner high SR

already passed 100, but 1181 make this build dead. will write detail tomorrow
v1180 GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQ1zKpN


Normal state HR 2000 +
With Tree of Life HR 3000 +
With Giant’s Blood 5000 +
With Consumables 6000 +




How is its performance with the nerf to Helmet?

u know that without 3BF this build cant go to 120. and only Acid BF have more chance for HC SR.
My attention on Cabalist BF now


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Massive props for playing Hardcore. I’d never stand the process of having a build die and starting all over again.

It may be possible to attempt SR 100 with a Ghol’s Ritualist, but you’d have to focus more on pet resistances and CDR to assure maximum pet uptime. I’d probably think of something like Beastcaller’s Cowl + an off-hand like Gate to Many Worlds to keep the healing from the amulet’s Call of the Grave modifier on reasonable uptime and to get good uptime on the other devotion heals as well. Sadly, there’s not many ways to keep pet resistances up, so maybe the Spiritseeker’s belt alongside some Taskmaster’s of the Wild green pants might help a little bit.

Pet resistances not problem, cause for different Nemesis will switch to different Augments.
and CDR not much help BF cd, without CDR 4s with CDR 3s
for 120 Pet res total enough
and for Character after 100 will use Button W change to second weapon & shiled 2 Purified Salt to get 6% Maximum Aether res and sr Mark 6% Max, total have 92% Maximun for Alexander Meteorite kill by one Hit.
with high HR for 1v1 have no stressful. just should very careful small map,because very easy to 1v2 or 1v4, In the face of this situation I will ESC

I dont like more time for farm Green item. If legend item can replace then use it.

You play self-found hardcore? That’s even more hardcore.

You’ve had much more experience with higher SR than me, so if I were to try it, I’d have to find what the harder Nemeses would be. For Acid, it would be making sure to have enough DPS to get through Kaisan & Aleksander’s shards. or getting through Reaper’s adds. I’m not sure whether the Blight Fiend’s DPS would be enough to get through them with the new patch.

I tend to be more worried about things like Physical resistance & avoiding shotguns of burst damage. I’d be more inclined to try optimizing for higher SR once the new patch 1.1.9 comes out with the new SR boss realms.

Kaisan shards cant clean, just avoid it can stop Kaisan recovery. A shard can clean, but A acid res have 91% need very carefuly
I already play 4000h HC mode

Just see map small or big