[] Olexra of Menhir - Freeze, skate and throw Templar, funny build, SR 65+


something like this should be even better

That was something I thought about but did not try it. I don’t really now why. I went for dying god instead. I will try it.

I don’t like the lower CC res. Build does SR 65-66 good enough and more damage therefore does not outweigh for me the cost of CC res. Ascension is more than halftime down.

There is a component if you really want higher CC-res (although it’s not necessary for SR 65 in my experience) - Seal of Resonance.

Hm, that could work. I will test it sometime today.

what? how exactly?

I edited the main link with mad_lee’s devotion changes and my own changes in augments. Build kills a bit faster now and defense is untouched by the changes. For example Grava went down in 25-30 seconds skating around him and Shar’zul went down in 10 seconds. Kaisan took 15 seconds.

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Whooaoh! Never noticed that! And never used it without an offhand xD. THX!

Congrats on an imaginative build :slight_smile:

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Thanks I like making builds like this :slight_smile: And I have more of them using OFF.

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I have done some more playthroughs with the updated setup and it does SR 65-66 really easily. I have more Templar builds finished and will be posting them in the near future.

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Man you did it again!! Another fantastic OFF build. I cant get enough of these freeze immobilize builds man!

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I have more of them, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Nice builds! Really enjoy the Mageslayer set and it’s uniqueness. Started messing around with a low cooldown Judgment/RF build. Keep them coming!

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Great, now I have to level a Templar. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey! I’m new. Was wondering if anyone could outline the devotions in this build–a path to activate them? Hard to figure out which order to follow to achieve this. Thanks!

blue crossroads, sailor’s guide, remove blue crossroads, eel, solemn watcher, red crossroads, viper, remove red crossroads, remove eel, jackal, ghoul, green crossroads, spider, remove green crossroads, solael’s witchblade, raven, magi, ulzuin’s torch, revenant

It is a very easy devotion map since there are no weird tier1 or tier2 self-sustains that need to be acomplished. The only thing you need is temporary blue for solemn watcher like Eel. The rest just follows.

EDIT: got ninjad by Duchy :smiley:

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too slow old man :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: