[] Savage Stormrender, DW melee Trickster using Stormrend with Primal Strike on cooldown and spamming Savagery, SR 65+

Thanks for the tips! will take a look.

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Check my guide for Trickster, I suggest to try cold damage, but I have lightning version too. Little outdated but should help you :slightly_smiling_face:

[] Beginners/budget DW cold melee Trickster

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thank you!

yeah you have to lower expectations a bit when it comes to faction gear builds. They are meant as stepping stone builds - something you can do early farming in say skeleton key dungeons, mid SR and mid cruci.

This is a quick faction and reasonable MI (legs and shoulders, are easy to farm and get decent rolls on) and two epic items (amulet and gloves) build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOPplP2 you can use that as some kind of “map”
also you can aim to get stormserpent set which @Nery used in his lightning trickster

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Thank you very much

Also remember that you can use Mythical Stormheart before you get two Stormrends. Not sure how experienced you are with GD, but M Stormheart is a secret quest weapon

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This build received buffs this patch. It got 8 % more phys res and some PS damage. I edited the main post with changes.


Nice and resilient looking build you have for the dual Stormrends.

I went for an Elementalist using Korvaaks Brand medal to enable dual wield of the Stormrends.
I am currently running with the Lights Guardian set as I only have a few of the mythical Ultos set yet.

This build really ramps up some serious damage when it starts to wind up, but it can be a little bit of a glass cannon if not careful of what damage is incoming. Fortunately it it has fast movement and fair resilience if in trouble and is easy to kite around to burst back in to deal damage.


So far so good, will see how it pans out when I get the mythical Ultos pieces.

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Elementalist is squishy generally and Light Defender’s set has no phys res on it. Nightblade is important here because of DW WPS. I would recommend SR set for Elementalist as well.

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That SR set looks like it really rocks.
I assume the SR set only drops in Shattered Realm as I have never picked up a single piece of that?

I don’t play Crucible or Shattered Realm and stick to the campaign play which with the new Totem system gives some really nice drops - Stormrend is one, even though it took me forever to get two of them :crazy_face:.

Maybe Crate could add this set to the campaign totem drops for players who don’t like Shattered Realm (if already there, I apologize - RNG challenged) ?

Yes, complete set can be bought after completing SR 60-61. Some parts of the set even in lower SR. I like MC the most as well. I play SR mainly only because I post builds.

That won’t happen.

It’s a special set for SR in the same way that there’s a set for the first 4 rogue-like dungeons. Neither is likely to be added to totem drops.

Hello @Duchy - Thanks for the cool build. I am looking at this compared to my current level 100 Trickster and Had some questions.


This is your grimtools as linked above. You have primal strike leveled, but you have two 1 handed weapons. Is there something I am missing or are these empty skill points. For Clarity: Primal strike “Requires a 2h Melee or 2H range in order to activate”

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Stormrend is a special one-handed weapon that allows Primal Strike to be used with it. It’s the only one in the game that does so.

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thanks @medea_fleecestealer for the welcome and the clarification. My first reaction was No f**'n way. I guess the item having +X Primal Strike is an indicator, but this is really unusual because the item doesn’t specifically say it meets that requirement, and the skill doesn’t specifically mention where the exceptions are. Or am I missing the writing somewhere?

Nope, the only indication is how the weapon affects PS since no other one-handed weapon can.