[] The ATV - Aetherfire Templar Vanquisher

I forgot about Rashalga when writing the superboss guide, thanks for the reminder. I’ll add this part to the guide when I’m done.

With Rashalga, it’s mostly about knowing how to fight her. The main thing to worry about is the big red aura which heals her and shoots out spikes like crazy while she’s under a fire trail. It lasts 5s and she will only ever use it while you are in melee range or close to melee range, so you can bait it out. Afterwards, you have a ~7s window where you are free to drop CT/Judgment and lay down some fire trails. I find it helps to keep count in your head so you can know roughly when to engage without having to get close to look at her. EDIT: Also pay attention to the mutators, since some of them might reduce her cooldowns which will make your damage window shorter.

You can also kite her Cally/Rav style and keep your distance, which will take a lot longer but is also much safer. If you plan on doing it that way, you should swap out Aetherfire with Eldritch Fire before the fight for more RR while kiting. She rarely shows up in SR, but you can always hover over the boss icons on the minimap to see if she’s there or not.

You don’t really need to change any gear for this fight, but if you want to play it safe you can always swap out M. Volcanum for M. Mark of Divinity which should prevent you from getting shotgunned by the aura projectiles.

WOW!!! Well that is one awesome guide. Good job MysteryMeat. Going to play this build because of the playstyle and also because of the effort you made making this guide. Again good job!!

Dude this is one of the coolest build concepts I’ve seen on the forums. I am absolutely going to be building one of these guys, just to skate around all day.

Thank you for this. You just officially broke the concept of fun for me. After playing this build, I simply cannot bring myself to play any of my other characters, nay any other video games anymore due to the fact that nothing will ever top killing everything by running fiery circles around them like a flaming idiot.

By the way, how important is callidor’s tempest? I feel like the damage it brings isn’t that important since vire’s might already annihilates everything. I’m wondering if I can drop it so I have even less buttons to press and reach closer to being able to play this build in my sleep.

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For trash you can skip using CT, but for bosses the reduced target’s resistance and massive burn from Inferno is really important. The Templar version naturally has less RR than Shieldbreaker so we need as much of it as we can get.

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Awesome build – recently started hardcore, slowing down and enjoying the game more and using everything at my disposal. This inspired me to make the switch from controller back to Mouse n’ Keyboard and to actually set keybinds and seperate Move To and attack. It’s definitely a different experience, but having an active build with great mobility is keeping my interest in the game.

Does it matter what skill you put Eldritch Fire on? Better on Judgement than on Guardion of Empyrion for example? Sorry, noob here - They seem to apply it pretty constantly.

It’s better to put it on Judgment since then it has a 75% proc chance that also triggers from the Heart of Wrath aura for the next 3 seconds. You want the RR as soon as possible, especially for big Inferno burns, and usually Guardians will take a few hits to get there.

Not to mention that judgement can cluster enemies close sometimes increasing the odds the Eldritch Fire will start spreading around!

Heart of Wrath is a secondary skill that is triggered by activation of Judgment, so unfortunately, it does not apply Devotion procs. Eldritch Fire is great on Judgment due to the high proc chance, large area of effect and it pulls enemies close to help spread the debuff.

I’m fairly sure it works similarly to Volcanic Stride in that even though it’s a secondary skill, it’s still considered Judgment for devotion purposes. In my testing at least, I was able to get it to proc Aetherfire on training dummies (although not at the 75% chance listed, it seemed closer to the base 15%).

Love this Build. If someone like the Charge Barb in d3 they will love this build :smiley:

what I dont like: Fighting the big Cthons or Monsters that can trap you.
And: High SR Boss Rooms. The Fights are so dumb. All you can do is charge in a circle and hope they will burn down behind you.

That’s a spicy build there. Would it work for Paladin? I guess the problem is that Inquisitor seal is a static ability, making it wierd to use while skating…That being said, Aura of Censure seems like it would be really nice.

You could go Paladin, but it would probably not be as good as a Templar or Shieldbreaker. As you mentioned, Seal is stationary and does not really fit our playstyle of constantly moving around. And while Censure is good, you would have to give up Divine Mandate in order to get it, which is a significant amount of damage (and crit damage in particular). On top of that, the recent changes to RR also lowered the values on Censure, making it less appealing of an option than before.

Yeah, that’s what I figured out, Inquisitor has surprisingly few toggle abilities now that I think about it. Thanks for the reply anyway!