[] Thor - 2H melee Primal Strike Warder without Savagery and greens, easy SR 80+

Is having about 100 more OA at the cost of about the same DA and 6% more Adtch really going to make that much of a difference?
Or is it mainly the Spear proc?

And how much phys res do similar builds run around with?

ADTCH is everything for melee builds. Especially after Ultos meta got nerfed due to nerfs to Thunderous Strike. Spear proc is pretty massive with that CDR and two-handed weapon damage base.

OA scales super well on Ultos because your primary skill usually has ~100% crit damage or more. That means more fat crits, more adtch - better survival.

Much more than that. Here is my Ultos Druid for example: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GOdBL2. 34% physical resist before Grey Magi’s proc.

I see. So, if say we are to take OP’s build and his primary concept of no Savagery and make it viable for Sr 75+ farming with consistency (even if we were to disregard Crucible entirely), would you say that the version you linked (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXXKkgN) would be the choice to go for?

Unfortunately, after Thunderous Strike nerf Ultos became pretty inconsistent for 75-76. And Warder was never really a candidate to do it (unless assembled specifically for defense). But any kind of improvements will help, even for more consistent 65-66.

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My first character was warder and I played like same primal strike spam without savagery. I had 18k health and 180k+ dps without mythical ultos set. All my resistances were at %80 and both my OA and DA were above 2600I finished elite but at the end of the campaign on elite, my seemingly great dps was letting me down. I didn’t care though, but when I started to ultimate, I realized something was off. Suddenly I started to die instantly and couldn’t kill even hero monsters. So I thought my gear was bad and farmed elite for a while. Nothing useful was droped then I created a new character and played with that. Even though this build looks damn good, there is still something with that still I couldn’t figure out. Too much dps but very slow kill. I guess monsters had very high cap lightning resistance and I had very low RR. After a while I was still couldn’t find the ultos set, so I gaved up and changed everything around gutsmasher. By the way, this build is really a pc hunger with all those lightning bolts and chains plus a large pack of monsters my fps were crying. But it was very fun to play with though so and in my mind I also thought that lol I’m like Thor the God of Lightning and I’m going to fry my GPU :stuck_out_tongue: when I have full ultos set I’ll certainly try again.

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I managed to make visible improvements to the survivabilty of this build. I have therefore edited the main post with new grimtools link. Build has better lifesteal, OA, DA, armor, and more overcapped resistances at very little cost to life and DPS.

Looks Good. More lifesteal compared to before

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This is my version of the “lazy” PS warder. Energy regen is ok for me, probably thanks to Arcane spark in amulet https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRg6ArN

Belt is trash, I just took the first decent one I found basically.

It looks +/- the same as mine. Some things better some things worse. And it needs one green.

I am using the only Storm shepherd belt that I have on another char. And I don’t care how many greens I use on my builds anyway, if an item is good I will use it :slight_smile:

I got somewhat comfortable using savagery stacks when I was leveling as ranged, but once I got ultos set and went melee it just became incredibly annoying and inconsistent in actual gameplay. Nice to see a thread with lots of options on building a good PS warder without savagery.

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I just totally hate Savagery as a buff. I don’t mind Lethal Assault that much but Savagery I hate with a passion.

I have managed to significantly increase the DPS of this build and its lifesteal. I also capped disruption resistance - better fight with Grava and other enemies. Physical resistance is increased as well. Skills and devotions are changed from previous version.

I am retesting my older builds for SR 80. I revisited this build and it can do SR80.

I don’t like to play SR much but SR 65-66 and SR 80 are easily accessible. So I will from now on test my builds in SR 80 as well.

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I have made another changes to this build. I now play a lot of PS builds and I have noticed some things that could be done better for high SR runs. I changed Fighting Spirit to War Cry because this build lacked damage reduction. Sheet DPS is now a little lower but you can facetank enemies easier now and therefore you kill faster now. I also added two Sanctified Bones for better fights with Grava. The gameplay feel has now improved considerably in SR 80.

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