[] Twilight Spinner - insane DW aether + chaos EoR Templar, SR 80+

No, I hate that belt with a passion. Mythical Vestents of Severed Faith gives even more DPS but low res with it and life.

I also tried a version with the SR set chest armor. That one is possible as well. Slightly less DPS. That belt can be worn if somebody doesn’t mind it or before you can farm that MI one. There is also a space for more spirit dump. I put a lot of points into physique for DA. I like higher DA.

If somebody wanted to go all in on the DPS side and doesn’t mind worse defense then this version is good https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aMM9x2
But it would be extremely squishy with that proc from the belt active.

What adjustments do you recommend for safe HC style? Or is it good as it is? :slight_smile:
Good means in my case: Celestial farming, farming SR range: 60-65, etc. :slight_smile:


I never played hardcore in any aRPG, so I don’t know. I would guess it is not for hardcore. I don’t care about celestials much but Lokarr and Mogdrogen can be killed with almost everything I guess. Ravager and Calla absolutely no go with this build.

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Although lightning res overcap is not that high for Mogdrogen. Some changes would have to be made before fighting him. My aether Opressor is stronger than this one and this build is probably a bit better than my aether Shieldbreaker. Both are here.

My aether Blitz Krieg could be for hardcore though. Tough to kill him. I died with him only once and it was because of lack of my attention in SR 65-66.

Really nice, creative build :smiley:. It’s always cool to try out random stuff even if it might seem weird, but a very rewarding feeling when it actually works out.

Yep, I am really satisfied with this one :slight_smile:

I mean if you hit reaper do you just alt f4?

Reaper is fine. I fought against him in SR 65-66 and killed him easily. I had to use mirror though. He hits hard. You can nullify yourself from the debuffs.

I initially replied to you on Ravager not Reaper. I changed my previous post.

dude you are a freakin machine, man! How do you manage to pump out level 100 builds multiple times a day, almost each day?! Thats nuts, and theyre all really clever ones too!

I have a lot of played builds. And now with corona I play one in two days. I play only in ultimate and then do SR.

I do GDstash greens, but epics and legendaries are legit. And I do play through ultimate (that takes only several hours) and SR runs are usually like 10 to meet all the different bosses and see different mutators. But of course no video proof for everything so who cares what I say, right? :smiley:

With the epic and legendaries I throw away like 90 % of them and keep only the best rolled ones. I have many mules for it.

For example I still have not completeted Morgoneth or Vanquisher set (f*ck RNG). That is why you will not see any builds with it until I do. And on one of my builds I needed a Ravager’s helm so I went to kill him for the first time ever. I don’t care about celestials otherwise at all.

Maybe I could post a picture of played time with it always specially for you so that you will be satisfied.


Most of the deaths were with earlier version of the char that was not optimized completely. My first version had only 200k DPS, worse life and barely overcapped res. I had also a totally different devo path - a lot worse.

Hey @Duchy, any chance you can post the character to the forums so I can give it a spin? (Pun intended)

I have very little time to play but want to see how it plays. Thanks

Edit - file is no longer here

I will leave it here for couple of hours then delete it. Don’t forget to use rune for OA reduction (and skeletons) and Vire for procing Korvaak.



for the memes I made this awhile back… https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQaXLXN
It wasnt very impressive :sweat_smile:

or if this one had attack speed or da https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1LvrY2