>< DW Chaos Saboteur[No Greens] Leeloo. SR 85, easy 75-76

PS: I kept first version to make it comparable but since Voidspire got +1 Nightblade skills bonus, old GT link has +1 extra points in Nightblade side so ignore that while comparing; go below for the version

Hi everyone. I know it’s weird to post builds just before the last major patch of GD. SR dynamics will certainly change and I’ll have to do the runs again with the build just as with my other builds. Nevertheless I wanted to show people you don’t need Rah’zin set to make proper Chaos Sabo and the most important need of the class are skill points and some tankiness. Build has -%133 Chaos RR even without Conduit Amulet and Voidheart. The new set, ‘‘Ember’s Calling’’ will provide %30 Chaos RR to the Veil of Shadow and you also can use the amulet spot so it’ll be %45 + Hellfire Mine which might lead to sick RR values when you include other gear, devotions RRs. So before the new possibilties I just wanted to show my version of the build.
PS: I’m very excited about the new sets and especially Fire part of it so this is not a pre-bitching build :smiley: rather a tribute to the existing gear choices that people despised because of the lack of flat chaos damage.

Image from the game with perma buffs, Pneumatic Burst and Abominable Might proc

:faction_chthonian::faction_chthonian::faction_chthonian:GRIMTOOLS LINK:faction_chthonian::faction_chthonian::faction_chthonian:

PS: Fang of Chthon crafted with %4 Armor bonus but Pierce resistance or %4 Physique should be better. I crafted a few but best stats was this one so couldn’t used the pierce resisted one

General Explanation

Gears :
Gear choices are obvious. SR set is the core of the build. Everything is BiS except Entropic Coil. I really wanted to use Voidheart for extra RR but unfotunately due to resistance imbalance you need Entropic Coil’s acid resistance.
For the same reason I handpicked the gears among other rolls to be best resistance rolls. You should get %45+ Pierce resist on pants because it’s only %3 overcapped in the game. %40+ Acid resist on Entropic Coil, best possible Chaos resistance on Amulet and the Medal so you can reach %30 overcap on both.

Devotions :

Didn’t go for DG as most will do; AM is better for Chaos Damage and taking both would make the build very vulnerable.
GG and Twin Fangs is what keeps you alive mostly but since we have one weapon without Adcth, I also took 5 node in revenant; it’s possible to get Toad instead and use the extra point in Spider etc but ‘’%10 less damage from Undead’’ is a very good stat in high SR againts Reaper and Zantarin(You really can’t lifesteal from him).
Taking Empty Throne instead of Vulture makes easier to balance resistances but it feels very weird to take ET while you already have capped CC resists and stats on vulture are not that bad :smiley: If you give up from Oklaine, you get extra points which you can literally spend in anything; Spider, Hawk, Throne, Dryad, Eel etc.
There is a possible way of getting Yugol aswell but the DR isn’t better than Demon Fire and lifesteal also same with Revenant node and those black pools are really slow.
Why this weird binding? Tested every possible binding; Bat on BWC also not bad but GG on BWC is divine; I mean really a lot of eyes stacks around you.
Bat on TM is better than Blade Spirits and helps more than FS binding since it hits in such situations you can’t.
FS is best for Flame Torrent since the flames follows you.
Blade Spirits are normally bad proccers but since EF is only need to be proc once in a while in the fight, they manage to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

SR 75-76 Image, you can jump start without even checking the mutators.

SR 85 image, first run 80-85. The hardest shards are 83 and 84. Died a lot in 84 in small boss room againts Shattered Sentinel+ Valdaran jumping right from the start then Fabius+ Benn joined them. 85 was much easier.

SR 85 image, single shard run with Corrupted Mutator(extra %15 Chaos resistance to the monsters). Died once againts Reaper.

Enemies of the build: Iron Maiden, easy to kill thanks to racial damage but she also can one-shot you time to time. Especially you get debuffed from another monster.
Benn, hard to kill and can kill you while dying.
Reaper, on 1v1 you can manage it but kills you when another debuffer presence.

Build can do some more only if you are dedicated enough and don’t mind dying. I try 85+ but any 1v2 combination means death or you may kamikaze kill one before dying. If you use camera abuse(which will be the last uses of it) you can do 90 but I doubt if anyone can more than that.
I don’t play much Crucible and even if I test the build while using recorder; it would affect my gaming experience so I really can’t give you certain answer for how will perform in there. I get crash in SR time to time(lately with this build at 86 in in first 85+ run, real buzzkiller…) and Crucible is worse in that matter so I just don’t wanna get crash during runs. But an experienced CR player should do average times with it, AoE is good enough.

Edited for grammatical and semantical mistakes. 2x Voidspire Version image with perma buffs+PB+AM proc


What changed?

The damage gain from 2x Voidspire wasn’t worth it back then becuase it was almost breakeven with %15 RR from Fang and you lose the Adcth. But now Voidspire has much more things to offer so I started to used it, the stats are much more better but you feel the adcth loss unfortunately. The build performance still the same. Still a bit squishy.

I theorycrafted with the Ember’s Calling set, it makes it much more squishier. Yes you reach very high RR values but with barely 10k health and less than %20 phys resist, you can’t survive to hit and it didn’t make sense to me that to be able to use set, you need to give up from T3 devotions so you can make it tankier. And you lose half of your flat pierce due to pierce>fire conversion.

SR 75-76 image with Corrupted Mutator(+%15 Chaos Resistance)

I was almost dying while taking the screenshot, used potion :rofl: Don’t try this againts grava :smiley:

SR 85 Image with Corrupted Mutator(+%15 Chaos Resistance)


Very fine craft, and very good call on the SR set :ok_hand: As much as I like to dislike it, it’s a perfect fit on this build.

I just don’t get this part, spirits are actually good proccers (at least, better than any debuff), and is every fight lasting only 4s ?

Nice one, but isn’t there a better devotion to use than Vulture?

No in my experience, BS are worse than other pseudo-pets. And what I meant by ‘‘only need to proc once’’ was 2 BS are just need to proc it once in a while; on the other hand if you bind Bat or Flame Torrent to them, you don’t see them proc the devotions with their every hit even among crowds so they waste proc chances but since EF is a debuff with duration that also can spread among foes, in crowd or againts single target; 2 BS can proc it once in a while so they do the only job they can here :slight_smile:

I mentioned it. You can take Empty Throne or if you give up from Oklaine, you can take Hawk+Spider+Empty Throne with the points like this Nothing that really make a difference just some OA and +%3 crit damage and I like the Oklaine.

Updated for . Changed the Fang with Voidspire, it’s worth it now. Didn’t make any difference though, you feel the loss of lifesteal in some situations but extra skill points really worth it, stats are a little better. And you can take Toad or Fox for more Adcth with extra devo points I spent.

I kept first version to make it comparable but since Voidspire got +1 Nightblade skills bonus, old GT link has +1 extra points in Nightblade side so ignore that while comparing; go below of OP for the version.