[] Siegebreaker Paladin: All Celestials, SR 100 (vid)

It would look something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GnpbXN still “ok” DA

You could max steel resolve for more physical damage, and also it got its racial damage bonuses buffed as well this patch

Alright @hammyhamster1 so I went and tried Bear. I thought if I was going to do a more damage focused version, I may as well go all in so I went with this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jRqLn2 (much more points in Smite and Steel Resolve, less in Haven).

I tested the build vs Callagadra and took her down in about 4:59. Now this looks like a major improvement compared to the original video (which was around 6:00) but aside from the investment in Smite and Steel Resolve, I also got a better version of the axe (with more attack speed and better conversion roll) .

To test the actual bear proc contribution, I didn’t bind it to any skill and went back to Callagadra and took her down in…5:06.

Sure there is some RNG involved and some piloting variations (and a small sample size), but I expected a bigger difference. I think it’s safe to say that Bear proc doesn’t increase dps significantly.

Moreover, I felt the lost lifesteal vs Calla and binding maul to RF makes Dryad less reliable since I was kinda forced to bind it to Shattering Smash.

I was still able to clear SR90 without too much trouble. However, losing the beast damage from toad makes Kuba even more problematic (he’s not a threat by any means but it takes forever to kill). The lost DA from Obelisk really showed when I face Fabius with the -100 DA mutator as he was able to crit me.

What I did learn from all this was that Haven at 10/10 cap is not as vital as I thought it was, guess one could take it down to 5/10 and invest the remaining points in Smite or Steel Resolve, but I wouldn’t recommend Bear over Obelisk nodes.

If I understood the principle correct (not that sure) - against Calla and its relative high armor - in your case you would need around 50 base damage to reach a damage level so that Mauls armor reduction would help

50 (base damage) x28 (physical damage bonus) x1.5x1.15 (RF) = 2415 vs 2450 = 3500x.7 (70 of the armor value)

I think instead of armor reduction a reduction of armor absorption by e.g. 21% at max level could be an interesting alternative approach for Maul - as it would work against all armor levels (and not would lead to dimishing return against higher armor levels) :sorry for the distraction from your build:

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Yea as usual, the counter to % armor reduction is…more armor.

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Interesting stuff. Thx for the investigation.

Edit: I wonder if it’s worth your commenting on this in the discussion thread? Perhaps the absorption idea is viable or maybe increasing it to -40%?

I don’t think this build is a good barometer of the Maul proc effectiveness as it has relatively low base damage values and a lot of converted damage. But I think the general consensus is that Bear constellation in its current state is underwhelming for the vast majority of physical builds and the opportunity cost of getting it is rather high.

It just means that you dont have enough flat pure phys dmg to benefit from bear proc. For two of my builds bear was an almost 10% dps increase for ravager

What are those builds if I may ask? Cadence or Blade Arc stuff?

Cadence 1h
Physicak pet comjurer

Note that adding a 20% RR node is basically a 20+% increase on everything, though. And most RR is better than 20%.

It seems to me that Maul might be underwhelming in the current state - but I haven’t the practical experience.

The only reason to go Dire Bear is for that specific proc. Otherwise imho the constellation has nothing that can’t be found in a number of lesser constellations. Perhaps radius and/or duration increase would also make it more attractive for stuff like physical battlemage.

Edit: or…if it provided better color rewards.

Actually it’s not that bad, but the heal part is definitely unreliable and does nothing crucial. Having some %15-20 WD on it makes it’s healing much better and provide extra binding options.

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Changed belt and moved some components and augments as well as a few skill points. Added Crate kill and SR 95 boss room video proofs.

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Hello, ty for the amazing build! Just wondering about blacksmith bonuses on the helm, which I should get…? Thanks

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Hello, glad you’re enjoying the build. I usually go with Angrim for either armor or physique bonus, the latter allowing for more cunning dump.

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Ok, ty, I got freeze resist, so hope it works out :smile:

To be fair, freeze resist is kinda important too, I usually drink a potion to cap it if I have to fight Moosilauke in deep SR.

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This is def one of my favourite builds :+1:

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Revisited my favorite build with update which made him stronger than ever. Changed quite a few things and re-recorded every pertinent video. Cleaned up the thread a little and added download link for everyone to enjoy :slight_smile:


really meaty feeling build,dont have the medal however,would Mark of the Voracious One - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database be a decent alternative?

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Hey, big thumbs up to this. I will admit this was at least partially the inspiration for my Shieldmaiden’s Tale build - building a tanky, non-retal spec that could tackle all content. :smiley: May have watched your SR100 video a couple times. Maybe I’ll get there eventually on that build too, though I kind of doubt it since it’s a slightly memier concept. XD Always great to see more paladin builds around too :trophy:

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