[*] Lightning AAR Mage Hunter no set , CR+/SR 85

  1. Make sure the box below is checked on GT, then type “X damage converted to Y damage”

  2. Time-flux rings, allagast rings, or invoker rings can be used as a poorman’s substitute, though your damage would drop significantly.

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Thought you might like this nery - Naked clear on your lightning AAR.

Tweaked it a little more and managed 4x naked clears in a row (~9min average) <— this is a lot less safe though, wouldn’t recommend it to newer players.


I’m sure it can be polished further, but I’m kinda okay with its current state


Naked run with this build? You’re my hero :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Also wouldn’t recommend playing naked if you’re living with your parents.


It’s actually very safe

Come to the dark side! And no Jedi can stop us!


No, I will not let the Sith Lord @mad_lee bring me to the Dark side!


But how else woud you let them know who the real boss of the family is

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Dumb question. Are AAR the big hit atm? Do they deal ton of damage endgame or?

Almost nothing deals more damage end game than AAR. AAR alone can carry a monstrous build.

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Just how important is the mainhand MI for this build? I’ve been using Mythical Temporal Tempest for the conversion just so I can use a +1 to arcanist in the belt slot.

Using the dagger leaves me with only 25/16 AAR so I’m missing some flat damage from the MI and the last AAR skill point. In return, I get more points invested in all the sweet arcanist passives.

AAR damage is huge, so missing extra flat is big loss. Weapon can be substituted with Tempest but I advise you to use MI offhand.

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Hmmm alright I’ll give it a shot. At least Sister Crimson is easy to farm. Also helps me get Eldritch nemesis with more chars. :smile:


Check the updated thread!

New glassier version video of 4:56!


@Nery Any change that you can upload this one? Would love to try it out.

a bit triggered by the lack of null but god damn, that’s an unreal result mate and very tight build! I wonder what Plasmo could’ve done with it if you managed 4:56. Probably another 4:15 build )

With Malawiglenn’s Lightning AAR Mage Hunter beginner build guide pulled off of the forum, what would you say is the best extant leveling guide for a Lightning AAR Mage Hunter build at the moment? How would you say BOG’s guide compares to Malawiglenn’s guide?

Basically, I’m just looking for a good beginner’s guide to putting together a Lightning AAR Mage Hunter as a starter character–something to help provide some direction for a starting player in leveling, gear farming, and putting together a build like this.

I guess I am also confused about why there are so many points put into Spirit in this build when the beginner guides tend to suggest putting as much into physique as possible outside of gear requirements. Does that have to do with the choices of gear in this build that a beginner/budget build might not have available? (i.e. beginner builds use physique dumps to work better with lesser gear, but this build has gear that works particularly well with a spirit dump, or something like that?)

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Malawiglenn is the master of the beginners guides but Bog’s Mage Hunter is good too.

Well physique is the most important attribute giving you both defensive ability and health. For most builds it’s worth to invest most of the points there. That’s especially true for budget builds which can’t have as much DA or health as some end game builds.

Spirit dump is something which is happening a lot recently on elemental based casters. Spirit gives you big % damage boost and covers energy regeneration too. So for end game builds it’s the best way to proceed. Furthermore Arcanist have Inner focus, which gives you massive %spirit bonus and gives you even more reasons to take flat spirit.

But leveling and end game are different concepts. Plus it’s up to players to decide. Bog’s build with Light Defender for example is gimped, cause you can reach a point where you’re over invested in defense and best way to use AAR with this Pulsing shard is to dish big damage and to utilize it’s attack damage converted to health mode.

Also check this:

It’s a joke, but you could see some cheap gear I used and different slightly defensive devotion route. But also spirit investment…

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hi, i chanced upon your build…can u give a more detail leveling guide as in which skills to take first till your final build?

Hmmm true dps king you say Nery? :zantai: