[] Red Velvet Wound - Bleeding&Vitality BS Trickster [SR100] [5.05 Crucible] [All celestials]

Wasn’t this advice from like, months ago when you were still playing :rofl:

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Don’t ruin the cool story bro :stuck_out_tongue:

But the build is great and SR 100 wow!

I never thought a bleeding build outside of pets would push to SR 100, but I guess I was wrong. Or this one doesn’t count cause it’s a hybrid (:
Strong bleedster nonetheless.


I actually probably misremembered and maybe that was plasmo. I think he also played a similar build back then :rofl:

I’m glad someone pushed the concept this high, I was never able to make it sturdy enough to go past SR75 reliably, and here you are with incredible results :ok_hand:
Btw, why no VoS ? It’s a large defensive debuff, especially with low DA


Cause no skill points and that DA isn’t low to begin with.

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Nay, it was Plasmo’s Archon, amazing build that he never published.

Indeed, 2.9k with the perma-shred, in my memory it was lower like 2.7k, I probably mixed builds up :thinking:

Amazing build and unexpected result for such weird concept, tankiness is unreal compared to full vit caster with offhand.
Great job!

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Meanwhile, done occasional sr75 run. Quite a fast one.


yet another meaningless accomplishment of mine


how many pluses should i add after “everything”?

I counted the number of videos and it’s four.

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forgot to post this video here:


From your video you leech energy back pretty fast. I seems to run out of energy really quick

In crucible you can use a blessing for energy managment

that’s why build has scales.

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How did you manage to facetank Mogdrogen the whole fight? I tried and died every time. Had to kite him after enrage to finally kill him. What Ravager do you think is easier for this build to kill?

i’m curious grey if you don’t mind, did you try/consider higher cold->vit conversion using ex 1 Basti ring and/or Korvan Pauldrons?

i’m messing around with my own trickster and got curious if higher conversion amount on blade spirit, using 1 or both of the items mentioned above, would maybe be a bigger boost/have greater value ?
(since %cold on helm and %elemental on belt is not additive conversion)

I don’t know what you’re trying to imply here, but Future Breed Machine is Meshuggah’s masterpiece.