[] Active energy cost scales with Spirit is intended?

Recently in the RU-community there was a question about one build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV70wwaZ (irrelevant to it effectivenes)
Confusing was that using build with Arcanist has about zero energy regeneration for calc, and the actually created one is negative at all.
Using reverse engineering and based on the in-game formula, I found out that the toggleable buffs that have active energy cost also scale with bonus regeneration from Spirit.
So, for a build above, investing attribute points into Spirit reduces the final energy regen in char tab 2
soultion is in lack of Energy regen per second (7,5 from augments vs. 16,6 active cost).

Some calculations to understand. (TL DR)

mana regen equation from database/records/game/playerresourcebehavior.dbr: (((manaRegen*((intelligence/384)+1))+((intelligence-50)/100))+6.5) * elapsedTime
6,5 - base character regen
(intelligence-50)/100 - flat Bonus Energy Regen from Spirit
(intelligence/384)+1 - percent Bonus Energy Regen from Spirit
manaRegen - resulting energy regen per second from other sources
Sources of energy regen:
+X Energy Regenerated per Second - additive value from items, buffs and devotions
Increases Energy Regeneration by Y% - multiplicative bonus from from items, buffs (IEE in particular) and devotions.
+Z Active Energy Cost per Second - additive value from toggleable buffs

Notes, that Increase energy regen affect only energy regen per second

manaregen= X*(Y/100+1)*((intelligence/384)+1))-Z*((intelligence/384)+1))

Other words, each 384 Spirit increase buffs active energy cost by 1 times

Returning to build above

And finally is it intended, that investing in spirit also iactive ncrease active energy cost?

I see no evidence of this.

I compared before and after energy regeneration with Sphere of Protection, then increased my Spirit by 1000. The energy drain was consistent with the skill tooltip.

Likewise, I gave myself additional energy regen from a focus and toggled IEE and noted no discrepancy in the energy cost per second of SoP.

There must be other factors you are not accounting for or the issue is more complicated than spirit scaling energy costs, if there is an issue at all.

Thanks. Probably it must addressed to GrimTools thread.