[] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

Wow SD, I have to say the BM blows my still-Mindwarpless DK out of the water. Thanks for the lovely guide (again) which I have followed and transitioned to Superfluff’s boss-massacre build.

Would you be willing to add information on what stats to favor in what sort of priorities for this build? Maybe what to use is pretty different while levelling vs towards the end? Maybe there are other discussions that already cover this?

Links are welcome.

You’re basically asking how to optimize a character in every given situation. There’s no chance I’m adding anything like that. That’s something a player learns by trying to optimize builds himself.

Some easy tips:

  1. Early game dps improvements will come from your skills and devotions. Players who follow the guide got nothing to worry about as is.
  2. Lategame dps improvements come from using correct gear pieces that boost the most important skills as well as provide flat phys/pierce and %pierce. The importance of boosting particular skills is already emphasized.
  3. Keeping your armor up to level is bloody important. Common knowledge, briefly covered in the levelling guide.
  4. Having your resistances capped is important, the later into the game the more important. Briefly mentioned in the levelling section.
  5. If you play normal you can largely ignore OA and DA. On veteran you need to get some from gear. Also covered in the guide, in the walkthrough section.
  6. Generally 100 hp per character level, but for blademaster it is easy to satisfy, not worth emphasizing.

So as you can see, it doesn’t appear like I have to add anything.

Sorry, I don’t know of any threads that discuss such things, but perhaps checking the guide section of the forum will help?

Hi guys,

Cool guide! I’m just sticking to this to level my first character in grim dawn (currently lvl 44).
There were some few questions arising:

  1. Cadence deosnt seem to have good aoe capabilities (ok there is Fighting Form, but that barely makes an impact). So cleaspeed is a little lackluster. How do I lvl fast? Skill back to Ring of Steel?
  2. How important is lifesteal? I dont have it on my slicers and heavily rely on Pneumatic Burst
  3. What kind of items should I look for? I mean I think I have a feeling what good stats are, but is it useful to look out for things that could improve a next character even on normal?
  1. AoE is lackluster at this point if you try to kill everything, while you shouldn’t. Kill bosses/heroes/yellows/melee, don’t chase every ranged mob that barely scratches you. After getting Azrakaa it’ll get better. Get Belgothian’s Shears to 5 as a temporary solution.

  2. Not necessary until later in the game. If you feel like Pneumatic Breath is not enough you’re neglecting defenses.

Yo, Val, I think I made pretty decent no green endgame specs for both Infiltrator and Blademaster (Belgothian), maybe you can add my guide for reference too.

Or not!

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Also fixed other broken links.
There’s a bit of work to be done fixing the formatting too, but that’ll take time and some experiments.

thanks for the advice. it worked quite well. lvl 55 atm

I have been wondering about this for a while. When FG was new, I got all of the level 50 medal augments doing rogue-like dungeon farming ultimate (I wanted the Vanquish set). So it can drop for sure in ultimate, but perhaps its drop chance is suppressed compared to elite?

The vendor in Ancient Grove have around 13% chance of selling it (my own estimation) and since one can reset his/her inventory by going in and out of the Feral Thicket, it can be “powershoped” in less than one hour.

Sorry, I don’t know the details.

After trying this game out a few times and never really sticking to it, I’ve decided to give it another try following this build, and I’m having a blast so far. Still on Veteran, level 38, but approaching the point where I last gave up, and this time things are going much smoother. Thanks for the guide, it helps new players a lot.

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Ok, level 58 now, and I just realized I have one question. On the gear section you don’t mention what medal the build uses. Looking at your level 90 build link, you’re using a Coven Mark of Blades. Is this the medal to use?

Also, I just found a Direwolf Crest. It has similar stats to Mark of Blades (flat pierce, % pierce). Is it a suitable replacement? It seems to me that they’re quite similar, but I’m not sure if the % physical damage from the Mark of Blades does anything for the build - if it does, then the difference between both medals is much bigger.

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Direwolf crest is the best medal for pierce attacker.

As physical damage,%damage is not doing anything,but flat damage is converted to pierce via armor piercing.

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Do note that the crest offers one more WPS, so make sure you do not have more than 100% chance to use those. The guide build have 80% chance of WPS, so now you will have 92% basically. Some players report that having WPS actually slows down their killing times since these WPS have additional attack animation. The faction medal is level 90 anyway and you need to be honored with coven, so you can atlest use direwolf meanwhile and then change and see what the difference is.

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im pretty impressed by what dragon has accomplished here with a bunch of average greens and a few blues. you got all your resists capped, good DA and over 90k sheet dps which isnt bad at all. excellent reference for beginners! very solid

What would happen if I have over 100% WPS chance? Would it just shave each of them down proportionally, meaning that instead of a 20% chance on something like Amarasta’s Quick Cut I’d end up with 17 or 18% (just a random example number).

I’ll do as you suggested. Right now I can’t even use Direwolf Crest actually, still need to go up quite a few levels. But I’ll get there. Thanks for the help.

Yes, shave down proportionally. Overall it’s not recommended to go over 100% because some WPS are better than the other (e.g. Execution).

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Hi, thanks for this awesome build, I am past lvl 40 and so far its working great, but I made an oopsie, I only bought AoM expansion along with base game and started following this build I found from the latest build compendium, but when I went into devotion tree to find Ulzaad I realized my mistake. So now I was wondering if anyone can suggest me devotion path suitable for AoM, and if there are any gear pieces here I cant get without FG. Thanks. C:

@fLicker360 FG expansion added devotions Azraaka and Ulzaad, both useful for pierce DW builds.

You can check pre FG builds in the compendium, but is generally good idea to go Unknown soldier and Oleron combo.

Cool, thanks for the info man, I will try searching in older compendiums, but I easily get confused, so I will try to look for something like DW melee pierce build and see if I can find any beginner friendly builds.
Hey one more thing, can you please give me link to any build that is similar to this one and only has AoM stuff or vanilla. Everything I see is advanced stuff with legendary items and idk what to replace them with. Only if its not too much trouble. Thanks again.