[] Mage Hunter Olexra+Albrecht is ray. 100 SR, 150-170 5m 36s and other bosses

Hello everyone. I would like to show another one of my builds in the Mageslayer set. This time, Olexra + Albrecht is ray is used on fire damage, because the Olexra skill has -123% fire resistance and the Mageslayer set allows it to be used. This build is very pleasant and comfortable to play. The results are below.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25aPRG2


100 SR

Broken Boss :faction_vanguard:

SR 75-76 provocation of all bosses

150-170 5m 36s

Mad Queen


Father Kymon, Avatar of Korvaak

Two triplets


Now we are getting into Duchy territorium @tqFan :smiley:


I swear I thought Duchy is back for a moment




I wasn’t aware Albrecht is ray. Not gonna use this skill anymore.

I guess Yandex translation took it personal aswell.


LMAO Duchy never ran these kinds of numbers or provided video proof tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I apologize to everyone I told OFF was bad on Reddit.

does the - fire % RR from OFF applies to celestials and all bosses?

Depends on the freeze duration and hence their freeze resistances which is why u use mage slayer set to reduce that

Sorry , I understand that but I’m asking specifically for the -% fire RR , if i use OFF on Nemesis , Main Campaign Bosses and Celestials , will it reduce their fire resistances? I understand freeze is entirely independent of their freeze resistances.

Everything that the skill does, even proccing devotions, depends on the enemy freeze resistance.

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Understood, thanks for the clarification!

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I might be wrong on the actual details, but if monster has 50% freeze res, it would receive 50% of that fire RR debuff.

I summon @Evil_Baka for this actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Freeze resistance has no bearing on the RR applied by OFF, just the duration it lasts for.

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Excellent, thanks for clarifying I was a bit uncertain on this