>< Mannoroth - DW Melee Vitality Oppressor SR 85/Ravager of Flesh/Mogdrogen

Hi everyone, I would like to show you another vitality melee build and as all other vitality melee builds it has some vulnerabilities but it also doing okay. I wanted to make a simpler/fewer MI version and I did at first but it was too squishy, in the end I had to use extra 2 MI and 1 crafted gloves to make things better.

Images from the game with perma buffs+ Consecration+ Soul Harvest and Hungering Void

PS : Helmet crafted with Stun, Chest and Gloves crafted with Freeze Resist.

:wine_glass::wine_glass:GRIMTOOLS LINK:wine_glass::wine_glass:

FAQ Time:

  • Why I didn’t use Signet of the Fallen?

Because of low OA and non-existant DA shred, the already low chanced proc from the ring was useless so I used Cursebreaker instead, which provides %12 RR and better stats.

  • Why didn’t I use the Damnation axe?

At first I was using that but Blugrug provides better damage interestingly and Fire>Vitality conversion is useless since build already has more than %100 elemental>vitality conversion. So I decided to use 2x of Blugrugs.

  • Why didn’t I use Direwolf Crest?

The damage from Smite is huge so I wanted to hardcap it or close to that so I used Korvaak’s Brand for skill points also the wps from medal atleast fully converted when you compare to pierce damage so it’s better for damage but ofc Direwolf provide 60-70 more OA.

  • Why Deathguard Sigil?

At first I was using Signet of the Damned because you need +2 RF bonus to get ninth charge but I had to change the gloves for better stats thus I needed AS to reach %200. And even though Deathguard Sigil doesn’t give flat or %vitality damage, the soul harvest points compensates it so it’s breakeven with Signet of the Damned. And unfortunately Gargabol Ring has wrong resistance on it and it would require perfect affixes to fit in the build.

  • Shoulder : it was need before the second Blugrug but now the conversion on it became obsolete so a better choice would be Ascendant Shoulderguards because of SH bonus but I didn’t have any of those with right affixes so I kept using this one. Purple alternative would be Bonewraith Pauldrons better for damage, worse for CC resist and stats :smiley:

  • Helmet : Core of the build, unfortunately Z is insisting on keeping this one as Caster Helm so you might need to invest some spirit to wear that but luckily I didn’t need it.

  • Chest : BiS but if you willing to compensate some damage Heart of Yugol has better stats on it.

  • Belt : Also BiS, try to get elemental resist and defensive stats or decide what you need depending on other MI choices/affixes.String of Maggots is for better damage and OA but you really need that stun resist believe me.

  • Boots : Boneshatter Treads are BiS.

  • Pants : I really wanted to use Reaper pants (or Grava Legguards because it basically give %6 RR as extra) but you need phys resist and OA so without impossible double rare, Wendigomane is BiS.

  • Amulet : Also BiS, get one depending on other MI choices/affixes again, it’s easy to farm.

  • Weapons : Core of the build, you definitely need Eldritch prefix to get RF points.

  • Relic : BiS. It’s too good to give up for this build but Serenity would make things a lot easier.

Devotions :

At first I was using Revenant and Ghoul with a more usual DG+Rattosh path but build was too squishy, so I decided to take Wendigo+Scales to survive. Also this path increased phys resist and health so it’s total win.

SR 85 Image

Build might do some more with this setup but even with my efforts to make it tanky enough, build still squishy so prepare to die a lot to reach SR 90.

Ravager Kill :

No change made. I used Lifestealer Oil, 2x Courageous Tincture and 1x Aether Cluster. Rather an easy fight, just don’t be greedy because build has no Circuit Breaker.

Mogdrogen Kill :

No change made. You only need Stormshroud Ointment for extra lightning resistance, quite an easy fight.

If you’re wondering how it would be with perfect MI’s https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26rwLA2

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.


Reserved for 2H version.

did you try with haunted steels for obscene life steal values? Or is the crit dmg from the seal of blight worth it so much? its just 12%

When Callagadra?) lol

Calla is impossible with this build.

Yeah, and all build has is %12 without Hungering Void so I didn’t want to have 0 crit damage just incase -%30 crit damage mutator. Although the crit chance ia very low so haunted steel might work better but it won’t make miracles.

Thoughts on Mark of Plagius? The flat vitality damage seems pretty good and since you could get stun resistance there, you could afford to go String of Maggots.

Also, can this build beat Grom Hellscream?

How am I going to use DW without medal? Belt option converts vit>acid and relic option would be even worse. Even for 2H version, Namadea’s Eye is better than Mark of Plagius because you can’t convert acid but Namadea provides ele>vit conversion.

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How am I going to use DW without medal?

Lol I’m an idiot

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LoL no worries, everyone can be abstracted time to time.

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