[] Saboteur caster-auramancer 150-170 4m 53s. SR 75-76 and other super bosses

Hello everyone. I would like to share the assembly of the saboteur on the new set of Ember is Calling. I decided to make a caster out of it, taking the damag of their different sources: blade spirits, cocktail, canister bmb and vindictive flame. It turned out to be a working build, very pleasant in the game. Ulzuin is Wrath greatly helps the character survive and is a good aoe damage. The results are shown in the video below.

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDrjgp2


150-170 4m 53s

SR 75-76



Mad queen:

Bourbon Clones:


Looking very nice build congrat!
I had some similar builds planned, I am glad to see concept works :slight_smile:


Super smart idea to go for fire blade spirits here! One of the best sabo builds I’ve seen in a while


i might switch my purifier auramancer build to a saboteur one ! Nice build

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This is a really good saboteur build. Nice!

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alrighty, guess i need to try some “vindictive” Saboteur then :blush:
looks very nice :ok_hand:

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I am curious about how many damage has vindictive flame on this set-up. Could you tell me @AlexGoldFish_322 ? total damage and fire damage from the tooltip.
I know that -res, -%res and many other stats and play-style are important to be efficient but it is only to compare vs a purifier build.