>< Dunefiend Sentinel, Acid EoR. SR 85

Hi everyone, I searched but couldn’t find up to date Dunefiend EoR builds so I wanted to share mine.


What changed?

BoD mods now provides CC resist so I changed shoulder affixes and crafting bonus, also got some buffs but build still feels the same.

Stats with perma buffs and BoD.

SR 85 Run with kinda good mutators, died 2 times due to my bad reflexes.


Images from the game with perma buffs and BoD

Helmet and Ring crafted with Freeze resist

This build somehow dissapointed me damage wise; double RR class and high dps but general feeling is same with Chaos EoR Sentinel without RR :upside_down_face: or maybe I did something wrong.

Nevertheless it’s a good build, very solid in farming range but struggles after SR 80. Has a bit energy regen problem but it’s managable.


Dunefiend set is core of the build.

Meditation relic is BiS.

M. Pestilence of Dreeg is BiS, getting chaos>acid conversion is preferable.

Widow’s Sting is for BoD points.

Eternal Band is Soulfire points, also wanted to use %RR from it but it can be replaced with 2nd widow.

Viperfang Grips is for BoD and OA bonus but Vilescorn is a good alternative if you use 2nd Widow to hardcap BoD.

Pack of Deadly Means is BiS.

Venomspine is for good resists and fumble proc.

Valdaran Shoulderguard is needed for EoR points, try to get stun resist.

Grava Leggings is needed for elemental resist, again stun resist is needed.

Basilisk Mark is not crucial, wanted to have extra duration on BoD, best alternative would be blue medal ‘‘mark of the false gods’’ for possession points.

Skills & Devotions

At first I went for Path of the Three for exclusive skill but felt squishy so tried Possession which resulted better.

Only exception from standart acid constellations is Revenant, after switching to Possession, I had to remove points from Judgment line thus lost a proccer, manticore was hard to proc and become useless; so went for revenant which is easier to proc and apply.

SR 85 Boss Room with kinda bad mutators;

Didn’t die in boss room but chunks were terrible. Also didn’t feel it can push further after a few attempts so left it there.

Thanks for reading, any comment&feedback is welcome.


Have you tried Reaper’s Legguards to cap EoR and use Venomtongue Mantle for chaos -> acid conversion? With your amulet you’d get around 50% conversion for all that chaos you have through Witchfire, Wrappings and Possession. Maybe even take Abominable Might instead of Black Blood of Yugol?

Looks solid :+1:. But what happened to character model at https://youtu.be/nUTpGd8WCHg?t=148? Does not look like “spinning” :laughing:.

Yeah, resistances become harder to balance and you lose stun resist and phys resist. But it can be better damage wise.

Thanks. Yeah there is a animation bug :smiley: it is keep spinning and dealing damage but until you stop and re-spinning it looks like stunned. Maybe related to this I don’t know Petrify disrupts Eye of Reckoning and force character to stop even though you still hold rmb

Updated for, added new SR 85 run and new grimtools link.


@fordprefect Very nice man, I had the same problem with Acid EoR. Damage seems… soft compared to my stat screen.
I will give your build a go, seems miles better than mine. Congratulations!

P.S. Any other viable EoR builds you can share? I tried building Chaos and Aether but with very, very mediocre results. I wanna collect all the S P I N N Y B O I S and have all of the build variations. Might even customize them to look similar. Go go Power Rangers? :sweat_smile:


Depends on what you mean by viable;

This one got some serious buffs though I haven’t tested it yet. And yes Aether one was pretty bad.