[ -] Scream Ignorable - 2H Aether Righteous Fervor Templar [sr+][mi][vid]

Hello, top builders and fellow casual players! :grinning:

Looks like, another build is going to be posted in But before I present it, a few words about some classes, if you do not mind.

Templars are awful. They do not synergize well, too points-hungry, fragile despite good stats on paper. I failed to build so many of them. Acid TSS one I deleted just not to see again. But Templar fails before my new hatred number one - Witch Hunter :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I will never touch that piece of thing again! But from that ragequit I received some inspiration (or dare I call it - despair) to make something viable of my last remaining Templar, that can be used in endgame. I could not delete it. Just could not.

Tirade is over. Let us talk about the build.

1. Grimtools link
Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator - original old setup
Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator - current one.
I took Aeon in another Aether build too - Veilkeeper Spellbinder. The concept is similar - use defensive mechanics of the class as frequently as possible. Except instead of Mark of Torment we have Ascension. No Phoenix though - we need Revenant and Solemn Watcher so much. Yes, I tried Rattosh path with Scales to utilize Vitality-to-Aether conversion. It resulted in less damage and much worse survivability (do not ask me how :man_shrugging:).

2. In-game character stats
general stats, only passive buffs are active

Righteous Fervor breakdown

magic stats

defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation
Like Veilkeeper Spellbinder, this build has no optional gear. Many items are farmable/craftable, which is good.

  1. Core items.
    Weapon. Scion of the Screaming Whale Veil. Provides Aether RF - our core ability, important bonuses to it, great %Physical Resistance to Maiven’s Sphere of Protection, some bonuses to Callidor’s Tempest also useful. Proc is amazing, helps with AoE.
    Set. Bonemonger. You want to play melee Aether Oathkeeper - this is the best set for it. RR is valuable (even though is scarce), proc also helps with sustain. We have enough OA, so no worries.
    Ring 1. Gargabol’s Ring. +3 to RF, so that we can use good Aether Relic. Look for OA, Acid and Chaos Resistances. Dread Lord prefix is the best (good luck obtaining it :smile:).
  2. Mandatory items.
    Ring 2. Band of the Eternal Haunt. Aether RR for a class without it is crucial (Battlemages are an exception in my opinion, they can stack great damage). Craftable.
    Pants. Leggings of Arcane Currents. %Physical Resistance, DA, Reduced Freeze Duration, points to Mirror of Ereoctes. Wraithborne Legwraps could be an alternative, but build became much squishier, so I discarded them. Yes, we need every bit of %Physical Resistance.
    Medal. Mark of the Dreadblade. Points to RF, Fabric of Reality, %AS, great proc that petrifies enemies often (crucial against heroes and healers in SR). There is no better medal for this build.
    Belt. Chains of Ygraad. We need a belt with +1 to Arcanist, Reduced Freeze Duration, Pierce Resistance (or Fabius will destroy us :slightly_smiling_face:) and Aether affinity. Look for OA bonuses or Resistances if you found great Gargabol’s Ring.
    Relic. Agrivix’s Malice. Great Aether Relic with racial bonuses and constant AoE proc. Improves our Damage output significantly. Take it without a doubt.
    Gloves+Boots. Krieg’s. Again, a good combo for Aether builds. Good %Aether Damage, %Physical Resistance, points to Mirror of Ereoctes, another AoE proc from gloves.

Craft items with %Stun Resistance (if you are lucky - one with Stun, other with whatever you desire).

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~84-86% (-15% from modified Guardians of Empyrion, -10% from Band of the Eternal Haunt proc, -35% from Widow constellation and flat 24 from Revenant constellation (26 if Smite procs :roll_eyes:)). Not great. Aether-resistant enemies are pretty sturdy (especially Reaper and Aetherial wisps). Arcanist side helps though.

4. Gameplay
Charge through Vire’s Might or Chaos Strike (apply its %Damage Reduction to your most dangerous enemy) and kill everyone with RF. Procs will deal great AoE, do not worry about it. Pretty simple. Two situations:

  1. We are safe. Use Ascension and then Callidor’s Tempest for AoE/reset timers through Aeon constellation for maximum damage output.
  2. We are in danger of receiving big damage. Use Ascension, after it depletes - Mirror and only then Callidor’s Tempest for AoE/reset timers. Repeat the cycle. After about two more Tempests Aeon constellation recharges again. It is not as good as Mark of Torment/Mirror of Ereoctes combo, but viable still.

Do not forget about Nullification!

5. Videos


Mad Queen.

Avatar of Mogdrogen (pretty tough, used one Aether Cluster and healing tonics, potions are shown in video).


SR 75 full run 1.

SR 75 full run 2.

Ravager of Minds crushed my poor Templar, barely lived through Phase 1, after that he is not doable (unless you like to run away often, like I did, but is it a victory? I doubt it :neutral_face:). The build is not suited for that fight. Did not try Crucible.

So, this is my last effort to make Templar work (for me). The build is okay in MC, dungeons, totem farming, Nemeses and some Celestial kills, more or less consistent SR running. But nothing breathtaking. Maybe in the future it will shine slightly brighter. Who knows?..

Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:. Every comment is highly appreciated, as usual. Have a wonderful day!

Were you at my side, all along?


Reservation is completed :face_with_monocle:.

Killing ravager is a great achievement. One cannot set facetanking ravager as meta.

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True. But there is a huge difference between kiting (when Ravager pursues you) and aggro-abuse (when you run away until boss returns to its spawn place). In many games monsters restore their health when losing aggro and it is right, in my opinion. Not the case for GD. But it is up to Crate to implement such features.

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Another build needs update for patch. Or, rather list of minor changes it received. Here are they:

  • Scion of the Screaming Veil: reduced % Weapon damage modifier for Callidor‚Äôs Tempest to 35%
  • Krieg‚Äôs Grip: removed Health. Added 180 Aether damage modifier for Blitz.
  • Kraken: increased % Attack Speed to 26% and % Cast Speed to 10%
  • Scarab: increased % Armor to 5% and % Shield Damage Blocked to 24%
  • Haven: increased % Healing Increase scaling with rank to 22% by rank 10, 33% by max ultimate rank and increased % Health scaling with rank to 30% by rank 10, 40% by max ultimate rank

New Grimtools link: Templar, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. All items remained the same, only got a better belt and removed a point from Volcanic Stride since it did nothing (I used Cord of Violent Decay first, so it was some damage back then). The build remained weak, in my opinion. Look at the performance here:

Still no damage, no defense unfortunately :frowning_face:. Still waiting for better days.

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

This build remained almost the same in patch, no new gear or mechanic implemented. Just some minor devotion/Oathkeeper mastery/Health updates. Here they are:

  • Bonemonger‚Äôs Chestguard: increased Health to 444
  • Bonemonger‚Äôs Hood: increased Health to 455
  • Scarab: increased % Armor to 8%
  • Solemn Watcher: increased Physique to 25 and % Defensive Ability to 5%
  • Clarity of Purpose: reduced base % Crowd Control Resists to 12% but increased their scaling with rank such that the value at rank 12 remains at 50%
  • Haven: increased % Shield Damage Blocked scaling with rank to 40% by rank 10, 60% by max ultimate rank. Reduced % Health scaling with rank to 26% by rank 10 and increased scaling at ultimate ranks such that value at max ultimate rank remains at 40%.
  • Resilience: reduced base % Maximum All Resist and % Defensive Ability to 1% and increased their scaling with rank such that the values at rank 12 remain at 5% and 12%, respectively.

Have a nice day!


Hello, nice to see you! :slightly_smiling_face:

The build got following buffs in

  • Mythical Mark of the Dreadblade: increased bonus to Righteous Fervor to +3. Added modifiers for Cadence and Righteous Fervor.
  • Scion of the Screaming Veil: increased Aether damage modifier for Righteous Fervor to 80 and its % Attack Speed modifier to 12%
  • Arcane Will: increased Defensive Ability scaling with rank to 200 by rank 10, 380 by max ultimate rank
  • Maiven‚Äôs Sphere of Protection: increased % Damage Absorb scaling with rank to 22% by rank 12, 32% by max ultimate rank

Not bad at all :grinning:. The build is almost the same - only relocated one spare point from RF to Presence of Virtue. Other than that - nothing new. Have a nice day!