>< Blaze of the Phoenix. DW Melee Fire Sorceress. 75-76

Hi everyone; me again with another melee sorcerer, another meme build.

Images from the game with perma buffs and Elemental Imbalance proc

PS: Helmet crafted with Slow resistance.

:damage_fire::damage_fire:GRIMTOOLS LINK:damage_fire::damage_fire:

I wanted to combine Blazeheart and Alladrah’s Spellblade to convert everything into Fire in FS and unleash the raw damage to compensate low RR so weapons are the core of the build and the theme :wink:


Gears :

  • 3 Piece Justicar for the set bonusses nad good stats. Combined with Fateweaver Raiment to have better resistances. You may ask why didn’t I used Chest+Helmet+Shoulder and Obsidian Gloves for physical resistance. That setup has almost have 1,5k less health and has big resistance problems.

  • Fateweaver Leggings for MSoP and SS bonusses.

  • Earthshatter Treads for good stats and utilized the skill as proccer since it’s better than Flashbang or Thermite Mines.

  • Combustion Band and Korvaak Brands are natural choices and Iskandra Relic for it’s great raw damage.

  • Greens are a bit complicated. First of all, you need only one Destruction Suffix to hardcap FS though I used two of them because they fit better and +2 extra points is +2 extra points :stuck_out_tongue:You need one Aggressive, one Stalwart prefix. Vampiric isn’t a must because you can replace ‘‘Quill’’ with ‘‘Toad’’ but %3 more lifesteal is undeniably better for the build. So in the end you can get Aggressive prefix on amulet, Stalwart and Destruction on ring(because you can also buy it from vendor in ancient grove, it’s a common suffix) and completely something else on belt(maybe dreadlord) and build will be the the same.

Devotions :

  • I went for my usual route again. I like the tankiness of Light of Empyrion on melee builds.

  • Elemental Storm because it’s the best flat RR for elemental builds.

  • Alladrah’s Phoenix for the theme and damage/tankiness it provides.

Components :

  • Nothing weird, 2x Sanctified Bone really needed on Fire builds plus Justicar set let you do that without losing armor absorption.

  • 2x Seal of the Void. Because I like the WPS! And ofc eventhough I don’t use GrimInternals, I’m told one Blazeheart modifier is enough to convert all flat chaos on them into fire. Which also feels like it, otherwise build would lose a lot of damage.

76 Boss room againts Grava. (with Surprise ending)

As you can see build can kill Grava in farming range without an issue because it has %31 Racial Damage againts Chthonics :stuck_out_tongue: And eventhough I died once in 76 chunks because Torraxteria, I managed to finish it without losing the timer.

Jokes aside a played a lot with the character, farmed all dungeons in MC, Killed Lokarr etc and build can do all these without having problems. Did a few SR runs Iron Maiden is a bit slow but she’s quite killable. Build ofc have only %93 fire RR, that makes it’s only reliable in farming range so no need to push 80 or more.

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome :slight_smile:


i see Sorc, i like
i see Alladrah, i like
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