>< Defiler defies nothing but himself. DW melee Aether Defiler. SR 80+

Hi everyone I’ld like to share my DW Aether Defiler with you. This character was… I mean… I really regret it putting on that ‘‘10 class list’’ thread lol. I’ve decided that I like Necromancers and Demolitionists seperately. But I like to congratulate devs about the name of it. ‘‘Defiler’’ it literally defies anything you theorycraft with it. You may say, oh it looks okay; then in the game it defies you and end up with nothing close to okay. I tried dual wield melee Vitality, Fire, Physical, 2x Aether and this one is the last. The only one feels ‘‘I guess it’s okay’’.

PS: It might be much better with Gargabols, Blightlord or Agrivix or some other playstyle but with melee, it’s just meh and squishy as hell.

Images from the game with perma buffs

:damage_aether::damage_aether: GRIMTOOLS :damage_aether::damage_aether:

Not much to explain, didn’t use Bonemonger set because then build lacks a lot of stats plus didn’t want to use Siphon Souls for %10 RR. Plus Nery already done it check if you like [] The Golden Defiler- DW aether melee Bonemonger. Gladiator in ~7 minutes on average

Didn’t want to try converting physical into aether so used 2x Dreadfire and 2x Duality rings and converted Seal of the Voids fully.

Went for a very defensive route in Devotions. Took Wendigo, Scales, Alladrah’s and Rattosh together so those keep the build alive most of the time.

Build has very high RR -%139 and capped AS with %100 WPS so the damage mostly comes from them and converted FS line.

Build is steady in 75-76, though you can still die if you don’t watch your cooldowns.

SR 80 bossroom againts Reaper of the Lost

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome and don’t play melee Defiler out of the meme purposes.


wtf another build by the turkish master? gonna check out this one

True GD end game is making meme builds