><Melee Templar, wait it's Channeler! DW Fire EoR Templar. SR 85ish

Templar apparently lost his driver license for good so he had to walk the rest of his journey.

Hi everyone, after Cyclone EoR Shieldbreaker I’ve decided to give Alladrah a shot. I examined Paladin and Shielbreaker variants and found them squishy and hard to balance stats, then decided to use Arcanist as support mastery. It has racial damage, damage absorption, OA, CC resists and more. Not sturdy as Cyclone but I reached absurd dps values despite low RR, in the end it worked fine.

Images from the game with perma buffs and Elemental Imbalance proc

:cyclone::cyclone: GRIMTOOLS LINK :cyclone::cyclone:


Let’s start with MI’s

  • Valdaran Shoulderguard is needed for skill points and stats. Incantation suffix definitely not needed but I needed the chaos resist and DA so used this one. Anything can work as long as it works with other MIs.

  • Solael-Sect Legguards, needed for Adcth mainly, anything works as long as it works with other MIs but get another resistance than bleeding&aether.

  • Kaisan’s Eldritch Eye; needed to skill points and CC resists, try to get resistances and DA.

  • Ravager Helmet is useful, Fettan also will do but you lose some health and %8 RR, though won’t make much difference in farming range.

  • Alladrah’s are core of the build.

  • Obsidian Grasp is for phys resist.

  • Fateweaver Raiment is BiS for good stats.

  • Korvaak’s Brand is BiS.

  • Eternal Band is BiS for Soulfire bonus.

  • Combustion Band is for RR.

  • Greaves of Ill Omens is for Soulfire bonus.

  • Crimson Lotus is optional, has good stats. Didn’t want to use MI oathkeeper belt but that a good rolled one will work too.

  • At first I did took GG and Elemental Storm, used Enchanted Flints on weapons but sustain was terrible and half acid conversion didn’t do shit with GG and binding Phoenix Fire to another skill makes it hard to proc due to not so high OA.

  • So I changed weapon components and took Revenant.

  • Alladrah and Turtle is needed to survive, you can get Meteor Shower instead Jackal but need to use another skill to proc it and it’s a channeler build so any interruption means less damage&sustain.

  • I aimed to hardcap EoR and Soulfire.

  • Overcapped Ascension, Divine Mandate and Celestial Presence as gears allow.

  • Softcapped haven is for more health, build is squishy so extra health is useful.

  • Vire’s Might line is one pointer just for escape, build has low movement speed and EoR makes it even slower so you need that to move time to time.

  • Resilience 8/12 at sweet point. Mirror 7/10 at sweet point.

  • Softcapped Fabric of Reality for racial damage.

  • Softcapped Inner Focus since further investment is waste of points unless you dump spirit.

  • Overcapped IEE as gears allow, softcapped Overload and one point for Elemental Balance. Manifestation is for extra conversion on physical damage of Soulfire, dps gain is 6-7k. Since build has low RR I tried to maximize the raw damage.

  • Arcane Will, Nullification and Mental Alacrity are one pointer. Mental Alacrity makes you use EoR forever, no need for any mana potion or mana leech so it’s worth it.

  • Judgment line is pointer, used extra skill points on Crushing Verdict for more DA shred.

SR 85 Boss Room (with kinda good mutators.)

Unfortunately builds struggles a lot in these shards. Died two times in chunks. I even hardly pushed to 85 with aether clusters. Bad mutators + bad boss room means rage quit :rofl: Grava/Kuba + Iron Maiden + Fabius/Gargabol = better quit because all these require a lot of kiting. Grava is not hard due to high racial but IM and Fabius can one-shot you a lot.

SR 80 Boss Room

Build is reliable in farming range. Not fasters&safest 75-76 farmer so sticking 65-66 is better.

Thanks for reading, any comment&feedback is welcome.


Interesting build! I have played fire Paladin (recently) and Shieldbreaker but haven’t thought about Templar. Damage looks quite good and you’re saying lack of secondary RR class isn’t noticeable ?

Thanks. Yeah I checked your builds aswell. It’s definitely noticable in SR 80+, some high resist monsters takes too much to kill. Needed to fish mutators/bosses to record 85 run for example. Resistant mutator is definitely unwanted.

Also did a lot of 75-76 runs, only problem is Iron Maiden since build has no human racial damage, Grava is much easier due to %20 racial damage. I died a few times to hard hitters so can’t say that build can do 75-76 blindfolded but it’s adequate to farm.

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