[] MI off-hands missing stats

  1. Leafmane Trophy is missing vitality damage %.

  2. Ragrathar’s Horn is missing energy regeneration.

I was going to say that Leafmane has a big conversion value, but then other MI off-hand that also have a big conversion, have 1 or 2 damage type support.

Now about this one, it could be intentional but all white common off-hand item have either flat or percentage energy regen. The unique feature of this item is the presence of Physical resistance, as it’s the only off-hand MI that has it.

the “real” unique original feature of Ragrathar offhand is “50% piercing dam converted to cold” when this item first came to GD. this conversion alone is super strong with ilfiltrator (every cold NB builds love that conversion actually), so dev deleted it completely and change to 6% physical res. Its nice, but no where near the covnersion it used to have. This item is mostly useless now-even for leveling purpose (i dont see any builds nowaday use that MI), so giving it more energy regen cannot fix that problem. My suggestion is rework that MI completely, or simply delete it.

Are these bugs? Come one


Here you go https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9OqGWN

Isn’t deleting it an extreme measure? Just because it might not fit into endgame setups, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used during leveling.

i dont think so. of course you can level with what-ever you can find, but Cold NB has a ton of other useful tools to level up rather than an off hand boost RoS. I dare to say that every 2H cold/bleed weapons are way more effective than the cold/bleed mod you get from that MI, cuz the high %WD of RoS

i;m not an expert builder or good pilot player, not even close one. but tell me- as a much more experience player you are, you might try hundreds of Ilfiltrator builds already- how good is your build among all these Ilfil builds you have? how does it perform compare to a very similar concept of Chillwhisper set Ilfil? even if your build is so good, there is NO-WAY because of the MI you use. the mod is so weak (1H RoS is like 1H Blade arc but even worse- you can’t spam RoS). I can slap in another gear at that off hand slot- and your build is technical the same without its mod. If anyone thinks that an item has problems, you can just slap it in a fine build (which this item has like 0 impact to the build at all) and call it a day? ok then thank you sir :slight_smile:

It does have an impact, it gives you like 15% physical resistance, which frees up a lot of points from Dual Blades, and the high damage % makes up for not having 2 Witch Moons (which has better modifiers)

Plus the build has a lot of issues with energy regen with chillspikes so having an off-hand is useful. Or it would be useful. You shouldn’t have to use Harp on that build, with an off-hand, just for chillspikes…

I already have a Chillwhisper Reaper. Blade Spirits are great, cool looking, but boring, ok? The reason I made that build is because I see all these items with Rune and RoS modifiers and just clobbered them together with full pierce -> cold conversion. It’s not as stupid as it looks, you need to get close to enemies to hit them with Veil of Shadow and Aura of Censure anyway, and Ring of Steel has a great frostburn modifier. If the offhand had frostburn instead of just cold it would be a lot better, but whatever, I didn’t make this thread for balance discussion. The missing stats could be the result of a bug for all I know, this game and its engine has some absolutely bonkers coding issues after all.