[] Rakka'Valgoth Spawning

There’s a Chthonic boss in Mourndale called Rakka’Valgoth that has a special spawning condition. Ostensibly, he appears when you interact with a corpse that has six spawn locations. However, I can very rarely find him as in many sessions the corpse doesn’t spawn at all, or interacting with it does nothing.

Can someone shed some light on this if they know more?

That sounds very strange. I never checked the possible corpse locations - I just always fully clear the map - and can say that there has never ever been the case for me when this boss failed to spawn (out of ~30 runs with different characters during the past year). So, he always spawns for me without a single exception.
For me there are always several (or maybe sometimes only 1? Didn’t pay that much attention) similar-looking special corpses in each session, and only one of them is the correct boss-spawning one, others are just corpses (not sure if there are 6 of them there each time, feels like a bit less than that, but not sure really, never counted them).

I am under the impression, that the boss only appears once per difficulty. So, you can fight it once, but not farm it with the same toon.

That would explain it then. I didn’t keep track of which characters killed him. It also doesn’t contradict what @Alexey_Zuev said.

Failing to find him right now. I count only 5 corpses in your link … (?)

Sixth is probably covered by the treasure trove farthest to the East.

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