[] Ranged Vitality Aura Apostate - Lokarr mediocre - Also FUN - build info & videos

Indeed. My best Lokarr time is about 23 seconds on a ‘proper’ Purifier build where I was taking the game way too seriously. As I say in the waffling text at the top, the idea was to make a fun-run aura build and it just happened to end up being virtually unkillable versus Lokarr. Well, I got his full set of gear out of about nine or so runs without ever dipping below two-thirds health so it seems pretty decent.

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You do not think storm spread is better single target damage than chilling rounds? (shotgun)

Why not full Radaggan? I don’t see how 2 piece Demonslayer really helps here.

If you want to go crazy with call of the grave, you could even go Death Watcher’s pendant for bonus duration :laughing: Maybe then you could use the Heart of Yugol armor.

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has global pierce to acid conversion iirc.


I am crazy I know

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This looks terrible.

I love it.


Been trying for ages to get better stats. My little green friends does not help enough sadly.

I recently started a new save slot, so I’m using what I’ve found on three other characters and this one. I got the Rada mask blueprint, couldn’t really deal with the effort involved making four and then transmuting versus the RNG. I had the two bits of the Demonslayer gear in stash so I used it. To be honest, this build can survive on total garbage gear in most slots, providing the three main damage-conversion items are being used.

To clarify (I do mention it in the thread description) I never intended this to be any more than a fun-run aura-only build, so I don’t intend trying to make it any better than it is. For Lokarr farming, it served a purpose - incredibly consistent no matter what mutators.

Thanks for the interest!

The pistol adds +3 to Chilling Rounds. As far as this build is concerned, I didn’t overthink it beyond that :slight_smile:

And you know that soul harvest will increase your weapon damage by like 50% ish?

Why is speed really the measurement? What about style, longevity or class…
This is becoming like the stock-market!, Maximum gain, minimum input…
I dare you to come up with something a bit more… Sexy… (red flag alert!..)

what is sexy or not is subjective. Title said “Lokarr melter” and it took +40 seconds. That is not melting in my book. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLwQKM2 BH and storm spread basiclly, around 50% more DPS from the gun.

Also augments etc need to be stream lined, you can’t even crit Lokarr with that low OA.

Anyway, I think these are some sexy meme builds by me :slight_smile:



https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-9-0-vindictive-fame-embers-calling-aura-purifier-sr80/107339 (kinda aura build)

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I do love you still have a rascal in your eyes… :slight_smile:
Purifier… Hmmm.

I have this one on hold, can I make anything fun of it?
Mind you Im only farming legit…

Here’s where I left him:


And as you already seen, I suck at understanding the why’s of the game, so don’t mind any crazy points in X & Y…
But with this I really love BWC burning, It was good then, i dunno about now…?

Did this thread just turn into a “help me with my BWC purifier”?

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Sorry. I’ll change it.

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I’m guessing some posters haven’t read that part of the thread description. No problem, I love Lokarr min-maxing too, just not on this build because that was never the point of it.

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I still think the concept can be pushed further, mainly just add soul harvest and tell me how it worked :slight_smile:

That skill would work best with the weapon (bonescythe or something) that converts Bone Harvest cold to vitality. I did think about doing that but ended up with the pistol build for some reason - most likely the buff to ranged from namadea’s eye.

There are all sorts of versions of this build, if you go down the rabbit hole of GT theorycrafting. I wanted an aura (no attack/no retal) build that could kill all the normal bosses without doing anything except just standing there; the consistent (albeit slooooooow and so tedious, I mean 42 seconds, jeez) Lokarr farming was a bonus. For me, anyway.

its not like you already have ton of elemental and pierce to vitality… :angel:

Also I wrote SOUL HARVEST.

Still you have invested A LOT into your attacking skills, and you use them all the time.

OK, fine, I give up. You win. I’m clearly a fraud.

Oh, here’s the vid of a full fun-run through Normal without attacking anything or using any retaliation:

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