[] Untested and Memey: Voidrager - The Attack Speed Team Booster Build

It was one of those days when you wake up and ask yourself “What happens if I stacked all of the Attack Speed to Blood of Dreeg items into a build to see how much attack speed you could boost the team by?”

You know the ones. We all relate to this, I’m not weird, ok?

Anyway, so the thought then was “This is a meme, but can I make it functional?” I’ve come up with two potential solutions to the idea. Here they are in their theorycrafted states, neither have been tested due to time constraints (if anyone out there wants to make one up and take it for a spin, please be my guest! Let me know of the results…)

  1. Voidrager OG: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLjY55N
    With just under 40k weapon damage and cadence, this build actually stands a literal fighting chance at being decent as a solo build, despite it’s memey origins. It boosts the attack speed of allies by 68% (including 20% total speed) with all buffs active. It also boosts your team’s OA and DA by 8% each, plus a whole range of the usual other buffs that a witchblade might bring. The build sorely lacks Chaos RR, so one would expect someone else to bring decent chaos RR for this team. Someone who is sore lacking in attack speed, of course :wink: A team of 2h wielders comes to mind. Imagine maxing attack speed for all the rifle/scythe wielders out there? What a dream :heart:

  2. Voidrager Solo: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Brb6z2
    This build has higher damage, higher weapon damage to Cadence, an additional 28% chaos RR, but about 4k less HP. It boosts the team’s attack speed by a mere, noobish 58% (including 20% total speed) :wink: . Due to the extra cadence weapon damage and significantly more chaos RR, this build will likely do much better as a solo build. But honestly why would you stack so much team attack speed in a solo build?

At a glance, a concern for either build is energy regen. I’m hoping that the energy leech on attacks will be enough, but the build might need some energy boosting potions, or a rework of some of the items.

And there you have it. Untested meme fun for you AND a family :smiley:

If anyone’s keen to test either build out, please let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: