[] Bullseye - Evoker of Elgoloth Vindicator | SR75-76 | CR ~4:30 | Ravager | Crate

Evoker of Elgoloth had quite the rollercoaster in public test. The crossbow had always brought considerable single target damage, but early in test struggled greatly with AoE, making it workable for SR and pretty awful for crucible. Then it got full time passthrough, and the world was upheaved for a patch. It finally settled on it’s current iteration with a unique WPS passthrough mechanic to storm spread. Can’t be abused by upheaval passthrough scaling, and storm spread caps at a 30% chance. Wind devil changes and storm spread now cover AoE needs.

Did I mention it hits hard? Cause it’s out here getting revenge for years of Grava terror upon lightning AA builds

all buffs

Damage layout: Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Defensive layout: Vindicator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

This is a super flexible platform. I made about 10 tabs in GT and tested 4-5 of them with higher numbers. Thematically I still enjoy Ludrigan helm for lightning chilling rounds even if it doesn’t have passthrough now. In test after full passthrough removal, upheaval secondary focus was better, but I also found about 15% more flat damage for this approach that even out the crucible times. The build can also go more defensive while keeping most of the crazy single target damage.

So doing the gear section a bit different this time

The Needs:
Weapon: Evoker, wouldn’t be here otherwise
Medal: Korvaak. Savagery damage and adcth mods
Necklace: Stormseer. This is actually a storm spread build and not savagery. We wanna nuke shit when storm spread procs
Relic: Eye of the Storm. Really can’t beat it for shaman lightning damage

That’s really it for what Id’ consider hard requirements. The rest is going to be up to your offense vs defense standards and what kind of overcaps you want to rock.

Helm: Thematically I like Ludrigan. Stats are nice as well. Korvaak helm is also a great play, and 3 piece with Ultos helm is an option as well.

Rings: I prefer 2x glyph of kelphat’zoth, as they bring the most damage and we can cap attack speed still with decent rolls. That said depending on other gear choices you’ll have resist holes. Arcane seal is a solid choice as well, bringing similar unbuffed damage while dropping a bit from peak.

Chest: Ultos for damage, now with flat and triggered 2 piece bonus with shoulders. Fateweaver is also a strong defensive choice here and will help resists, along with considerably more physical res, at the cost of damage.

Legs: I like Arcane Currents here but a well rolled MI set of pants works fine as well, the skill points aren’t mandatory. Phys res is needed and poison resist is also tough on this build to cap

Belt: I prefer arcanoweave for +1 all. Storm Shepard is an option although damage is a bit of a wash without +1 inquisitor. Shaman MI belt would work too but who wants to farm that.

Boots: Wyrmscale help cap out stun res. If you’ve made other gear swaps, Stormtitans are nice for HP pool, or Stormbearers if you want the phys res and bump up maelstrom. Could also just go stoneplate for resistance holes

Gloves: Cindertouch for damage thanks to the addition of attack speed. Light’s defender for better resist coverage. Eyeballing the current setup I felt Cindertouch + Arcane Seal was worth more than Light’s Defender + 2x kelphat. We partially convert the cinderwind procs

Shoulders: Ultos unless you’ve considerably changed the setup. Stats we want and +3 savagery.

3-4 crafted gear slots. Stun and slow res if they aren’t near cap due to bad rolls, otherwise physique to get DA up.

Skill distribution is focused on max AA damage and ease of play. No totems, only Word of Renewal, Inquisitor Seal, and Wind Devils. Storm spread is maxed, chilling rounds has investment, and we hit up the extra phys damage in Mogdrogen’s Pact in For more AoE pull points from chilling rounds or mog pact and cap maelstrom. Steal a couple points from either for wendigo totem for more survivability, or add to WoR first node for better heal and defensive ability if you’re uncomfortable running ~2400DA.

I’ve purposefully gone with no upheaval here to see how it performs. Dropping any wps excluding storm spread and putting points into upheaval is also a great approach, but you’ll want to look for more OA on multiple item slots then.

Devo tree is heavy focus on lightning damage, taking Tempest and Ultos. Tempest AoE support is really good now with last round of test changes adding targets. Map also lets us take ghoul and elemental storm for additional RR. Remaining points try to fix up slow res. I normally prefer korvaak but had trouble fixing some stats with it in this setup.

Keep wind devils up. Dash in, drop seal immediately, shoot. Depending on your storm spread procs things will go fast to loldeletebutton. You are a single target destroyer and with some luck can take down nemesis before they even get to use their trump card move. Packs can still be scary, reckless tempest on cooldown and a string of wps without storm spread can get you overwhelmed if playing aggressively.

SR75-76 ~7:41 (had just switched ring and left savagery +2 over overcap here. Also has 5 point chilling rounds and capped maelstrom, but differences are extremely minor during play)

Video Evoker Vindi SR75-76 - YouTube

SR75-76 defensive setup ~8:14

Video Evoker Vindi def version SR75-76 - YouTube

Crucible runs by @romanN1
4:23 with great mutators


1192 Eard's Evoker Vindi (great muts) - YouTube

4:53 with super bad mutators


1192 Eard's Evoker Vindi (horrible muts) - YouTube

1:15 Ravager of Flesh w/ defensive setup

Video Evoker Vindi vs Ravager of Flesh (1:15) - YouTube

~:50 Crate w/ defensive setup. Probably faster if you know what you’re doing

Video Evoker Vindi vs Crate - YouTube


Did Grava forgot he can use null? From experience it usually takes like five seconds for him to use it after aggroing him, i have never seen twenty seconds (more like fifteen to be fair) passing without him using it. He even uses the wing flap attack and double punch twice without using any null in between.

Outside of that, guess i can ressurect my Evoker Vindicator. I was gonna bring it back with Evoker giving passthrough to Savagery, but then Zantai literally murdered it. Thankfully, passthrough to Storm Spread seemed to allowed it to exist in some form.

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I’ve only played SR this patch after over a year (maybe?) of not touching it and I’ve never seen grava do his null once on 2 builds I used. Zantai probably lengthened the timing before he uses it.

So Cruc gets the non-null Grava that gets backed up by other Nemeses, SR gets the Grava with the longest null intervals but has the highest health pool and i assume damage, and main campaign gets weakest in terms of stats but null spamming Grava. Seems balanced.

May be from having swift mutator and a bunch of stun procs. Normally it’s korvaak proc causing the fun but I’ve seen it mess with nemesis attack patterns before. I was expecting the null bolt on what turned out to be the red swings at the end. Don’t think he normally swings 3x in the middle of his pattern.

Recorded a shattered SR75-76 run with the defensive setup: Fateweaver chest, 1 point wendigo totem, physique investment. For most folks this would be the recommended path unless you’re looking for all the damage as it does feel safer during aggressive play

No green mafia :scorv:
Was gonna ask about Cyclone helmet, but you can’t switch medal and go 3piece anyways and Ludrigan has +1 all skills. Though I wonder if Chilling Rounds is a dps increase or not.

Does the bonus to pets stats on ring affect character stats? I thought it was for pets only?

The pets stats do indeed only affect pets, but the base stats and the lightning flat+% granted skill proc apply to the player

I would not be surprised at all if the storm spread + upheaval approach is still stronger, but sometimes I’m a sucker for style. Converted chilling rounds is noticeable damage over the other filler WPS but all the other chilling rounds WD mods are also blocked :frowning:

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That’s what I thought but you mentioned

Which confused me because I assumed you meant rings have AS, so I figured pet stats applies to character ones; but I understand now, you mean despite rings not having AS, with good rolls on other gear AS is capped. My bad lol.

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Added Ravager of Flesh kill, 1:15 w/ defensive setup

edit: and crate


This build looks great! Lightning is my favourite damage type, haven’t done a ranged build for it yet. Levelling a Vindicator (Primal Strike lol, it’s so easy) for this right now. Is there a reason that this build isn’t in the build compendium?

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I’m lazy and forget to post things there

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