[ (beta)] [HC] Stronghold Purifier, Fire Strike & SR set (sr+, cr extra spawn, Rava, Mog)

Please note: This is a (public testing) build, everything is subject to change until gets fully released.

Purifier goes pewpew - very straightforward pistol & shield Fire Strike Purifier using the (freshly buffed) Stronghold and Shattered Realm set aswell as 100% weapon pool skill chance.

^ingame stats with all permanent buffs and Word of Renewal up, no temporary procs, DPS shown is Fire Strike, highest crit 144k (DPS and crit might seem low, but remember you hit enemies with up to 8 projectiles)

GRIMTOOLS (public testing): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gzxXON
pls note: grimtools doesn’t show the second +1 all skills from stronghold set yet!


Highlight video from patch (public testing):

Char did all main campaign content, all roguelike dungeons, Mad Queen and the celestials Bourbon Clones, Lokarr, Mogdrogen and Ravager of Flesh on ultimate difficulty (see build highlight video).

Dummy kill ~18s
Mad Queen ~16s
Lokarr ~23s
Mogdrogen ~4min 28s
Ravager of Flesh ~3min 50s

Clears SR 65-66 with ease, can do 75-76 on HC aswell I’m pretty sure.
Crucible Gladiator Video - Can clear 150-170 in 6 to 7 minutes aswell as 150-170 with extra spawn in ~7 minutes on HC.
I’m sure you can use more offensive gear instead of the SR set to push this timer down by a lot on SC.

Devotions: Rather standard Fire Strike Devotions + Chariot. Don’t focus on the shield, it’s not worth it for a build like this imo.

Gear is very defensive with SR set, which can certainly be replaces by e.g. Okaloth’s visage, incendiary shoulderplates, galakros’ chest for more Fire Strike boni aswell as chaos to fire conversion. For amulet you could also choose vilgazor’s or kaisan’s.


Feedback & Final Words

Buff to Stronghold set is pretty neat, finally an endgame Fire Strike character that feels comfortable enough for me for HC. For HC this seems miles ahead of e.g. the squishy Dagallon setup. Can’t comment on its SC perfomance.

As always any kind of feedback is apprechiated!

Feel free to check out my other builds in my HC build collection! :slight_smile:


Pardon? You mean Storm Spread and Stun Blast, right? You’re not dual-wielding, so it’s up to 4 projectiles. Unless I’m missing something =\

Watch the vid, it’s still 8 projectiles with a shield (might be a bug though).

Hm, well, game treats off-hands as weapons, so… it’s kinda-sorta “intended”? XD Sounds a bit ridiculous though!

Please don’t post builds intended for unreleased patches into the public forum.