[] Deferred Rendering Foliage/Player model problem

I posted about this with and wondered if the new patch addressed this issue:

I downloaded the playtest patch to check and it appears to still be present:

As you will notice, the foliage is either illuminated by the player behind it or the player model is showing through somehow. Is this something that might be fixed in


I’m not in publictesting but I have illusion bug with deferred rendering enabled aswell.

Helmet should be ‘‘Ember’s Calling’’ , Chest should be ‘‘Octavius’’, Boots and Gloves are ‘‘Krieg’’. No problem with weapon and shoulder.

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A bit of a digression but has the offhand visual bug been fixed in Currently in, caster offhands such as books are facing towards the character instead of out, so stuff like Codex of Agrivix spits its flames into the character model, and a lot of the books are pretty worthless as illusions because the other side of the book lacks any particularly distinguishing features.

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