[] Ragemaster - 2H Physical/Bleed BA Blademaster ~4:45 CR average, SR80

There was a point during the public test where I just wanted to make a lot of phys blademaster following banana’s amazing DW Warborn BM build back when Warborn wasn’t reworked to be a DK focused set yet. Results were that 2H Cadence and Blade Arc also performed well. Voldrak then got nerfed as part of the Warborn rework so that one needs some work but Bloodrager didn’t get touched. Tested the build when public test ended and still good so here we go

The Build


Build explanation

If you know Blade Arc Witchblades and Death Knights (or Warders but Warder is more on the pure bleed side) then it’s basically the same except it’s Blademaster. You’d think it would suffer from a lack of RR especially since I went hybrid phys/bleed instead of pure on one type but with all the cunning Nightblade gives it kinda evens out. It still isn’t as good as the other two classes but BM is good and it’s kinda novel, you don’t see Bloodrager BM often.

  • Bloodrager set - Self explanatory. I also tried a custom setup with Warborn helm and general good phys items but I wasn’t quite able to find the right mix of items with it so it was a bit worse.

  • Gutsmasher - I favored this over the MI axe cause I went hybrid. The axe might be better on pure phys.

  • Rings - Usual phys rings

  • Gloves - Autoinclude for Blade Arc and also has nice RoS bonuses which is very useful since Warcry isn’t 100% uptime for this build.

  • Medal, - Self explanatory BA MI

  • Belt - Generic soldier choice but Gladiator medal is also a good (might be better) option.

  • Relic - Has phys and bleed RR. Ez pick

  • Boots, Pants - Covering resists and CC resists. Use whatever you like


4:30 run:

4:34 run during the public test:

I average around 4:45 for my runs, so it’s on the “It just works” spectrum. Nothing very strong and nothing weak. It just works.

Shattered Realms

SR80 is easy. I was only able to record boss room but it should be clear with the timer that I didn’t die on mob rooms. Well, turns out a lot cruci builds that aren’t built for anything else are already good at SR 80.



i see blademaster, i love :trophy: :+1:

Forgot you were testing this nice phys/bleed hybrid. Good build.