[] Runic Rave Party - Tri-Elemental Runebinder Paladin [SR80] [Ravager of Souls, Mogdrogen]

Opened in Edge, same as Chrome, page translation turned off in both browsers. Weird

Ok yeah I checked in Opera and started seeing it too. But it still looked fine in Firefox. Have no idea why you were seeing it in Russian, either? This is just bizarre on all counts lol.

Anyway, slapped a bandaid on the issue, hopefully it should look fine now? If not I’ll fiddle more with it in the morning. Meh.

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Opened in desktop Chrome - no section “Details” so far.

Yeah, now it’s good

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So far it looks fine now - but otherwise yea, way in the past I learned pretty quickly that nesting details is funky on here. So might want to keep that in mind.

Yeah, a very useful lesson to learn - I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the future. XD No more nesting shenanigans (or at least, I’ll figure it out properly later).

TY for all your help.


It uses a local browser data.

No idea what you did, but one thing I learned is to never put a non-empty string before details tag like you did here:



It was in french for me honhonhon

Anyway nice build, is it possible to get some SR gameplay footage ? I’m clueless about runes, I only ever used them to cheese totems

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I actually copied and pasted most of this format (from a post by grey_maybe actually), with attempted tweaks on my end :thinking: Which was probably not a good idea at 4 in the morning doing this for the first time lol.

To Monceaux, I haven’t tried recording before, but I will try in the future, I think. Also thank you!

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I don’t think I have problems on any browser yet I use nested details a lot: Link

Also @Evil_Baka who I stole the idea from: [] [Tactician] Serving the Light


I think part of my problem with them is that they wouldn’t (or I could never figure out how) to position them in further, like a nest.

But we are starting to turn his build thread into a forum editing thread :scorv:


Holy #%(*@#, I only JUST realized that I forgot to put an augment on my shield (was swapping through some different stuff for testing). LOL. Well, Ravager killtime should be faster and SR runs should be even easier than what I showed.

Screenshot/GT links updated too. Geez. I really was tired when I posted.

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Uploaded a video of SR. It has no sound - oh well, I am new to this recording thing.


Oh nice, I have an update for elemental runebinder paladin that only uses the gun so we can be opposite buddies! lol

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Nice - I look forward to seeing yours, and might try it as well :smiley: I wanted to play with the gun in my setup, but didn’t like how a lack of shield (with the armor) kinda made it a glass turd.

Nice thanks, it’s more static and tanky than I expected

Yeah, at least on 80, you can still do that in the boss room for the most part. The trash shards involve a lot more running around, you can’t pull too much at once or stand in environmental hazards or your health just disappears.

Above that though is another story. Fabius repatedly slaughtered me in the 84 boss room and I haven’t tried climbing higher again with this. :face_with_head_bandage:

I think that devotion procs bindings in the defensive version are not what they are supposed to be according to the description.

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Ah you’re right. Not sure how that happened. Fixed, thanks.

Updated the build for; retooled stats for a wee bit more OA and moved points from Ignition overcap to Ascension, which turned out to improve performance.

Also added video of Ravager kill. It’s a 4 minute kill now, much better than before :slight_smile: