patch looking good

uhhhh thought I signed up for testing 1193


Yes…programmers got a little too eager and got you a patch from the future!

It is a minor error introduced in the latest build which will be fixed prior to it going live. The version number will be v1.1.9.2.

Damage converted to Physical is now properly reduced by Armor.

I wanted to ask you about this:
How does it work exactly? Will all individual sources of x -> physical converted damage be seperately reduced by armor or will all sources of damage added to an attack be merged with the damage of the skill first and then the total value only be reduced by armor once?

Have you gone the other way with the latest patch? Didn’t look at it until just now, but got the latest patch on Steam installed yesterday and today it shows ingame


V1.1.9.1 has been around since the last two patches; no v1.1.9.2 for us … :innocent:

Those character names :rofl:

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Chaos from the Git tree I guess :stuck_out_tongue:.

Just Chaotic :smirk:

So, when to expect this patch? Next Year?

Later this summer Zan said a little while back.

Great news.

By the way, i saw that, but can’t find post again

It’s here.

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Still waiting…

Still testing so …

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…so summer ends soon, so…

You can play the patch in its current form though (at least on Steam)
whereas Grim Tools it’s not there and that’s how I feel about it: