[] Stop hurting your feets! Comfy socks Trozan druid - SR 90, naked crucible+, all celestials

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you the results of my (long) quest for a comfortable and forgiving Trozan druid :grinning: .
I love the trozan druid as much as I love farming SR 75-76 but was frustrated how unforgiving the Cairn wilderness is… Volcanoes, crystals, aether pools, they almost hurt more than legos on a naked foot!

This build is a variation of the excellent DmT trozan druid: the core items and gameplay are the same but there’s also some noticeable differences between the defensive/offensive concepts and the devotions. More on that later.

:star: Grimtools build :star:

This is the exact same build for all the vids: no augment, skill or devotion rework needed.
As this build is about kiter sustainability, all runs are naked and without health potions.

Pros and cons

  • Defensives layers allowing you to walk on aether, resists SR crystals and ground volcanoes :socks: (for a few secs), tank a big one shot hit (i.e: alex meteor) . Can facetank all bosses and a majority of nemesis one by one in SR 75-76.
  • A 17000 HP pool and good life sustainability.
  • Good secondary resists for a spellcaster kiter: 80 for stun/slow/freeze/petrify, 60 for skill disruption, 47 for trap.
  • Still decent 3500 OA and 2800 DA for a caster. >50k Trozan shard
  • Rewarding gameplay (if you like kiters).


  • Being a tanky caster is still far from being a real tank. You still need to kite all celestials + Grava Tul , Fabius and Maiden (a bit) in SR 75-76.
  • Piano gameplay as you have 4 offensive and 2 defensive spells to manage
  • Gear can takes quite some time to farm as you need some RNGesus.
  • Rerolling the set items for perfect stats is ressource consuming.
  • Trap resist < 80

Concepts, gear, skills and devotions

  • Offense:
    Your offensive side relies on Trozan Sky Shard (TSS) as your primary source of damage.
    Storm totem and Wind devil are here to assist.
    Theses skills are supported by the mythical trozan set, eastern oath set, mythical starfury emerald and the rolderathis tome. These items are a must.

    Resist reductions (RR) are supplied by Raging tempest of the wind devils, and the following devotions: Rhowan’s crown, Widow, Ultos

    The Hawk and Wraith combo is preferred to quill and lizard for the sweet Offensive Ability (OA) and critical damage boost.

    Note that the price of our defensive setup is the drop of Spear of Heaven, as an alternative we got the more accessible Korvaak , the Eldtritch sun for similar boosts to OA, damages (and more life and chaos resist!) . That also mean we do not care anymore for ether to cold/lightning damage conversion and can start looking for alternatives to ring of Anubar.

  • Defense:
    The wyrmscale footguards and seal of ancestry will soak the environment fire and aether damages.
    Tortoise shell is the big hit life saver.
    The Bat, Giant’s blood and Ghoul are the life refillers. Use Mirror of ereoctes in alternative with the ghoul proc while the other is resetting. The 50 CDR will help you to cycle continously between the two.
    Bat need the vitality to lightning damage conversion to heal decently, that’s why the chain of brandis is mandatory.
    Some good roll Wyrmscale footguards will also takes care of your stun/petrify resists while providing a good boost to OA and DA and add +2 to storm Totem: too good for any alternative.

  • Alternative gear and farming:
    Your goal is to reach threshold between those stats: resistance, speed casting, OA/DA, life, armor rating. To achieve that, you need to roll a good combination of prefixes/suffixes on the green items of this build and use some augments.
    As it is useless to expect the exact same items drop I got, here are some general tips on the way to go.

    First farm the rolderathis tome for the following affixes: thunderstruck/sandstorm/glacial + of celerity/any rare suffix with casting speed and resists (if you’re very lucky or very patient). Ideally you also want it with 18 CDR to get as close as possible of the 50 CDR threshold.

    The second item to farm is the chain of brandis.
    The hardest resists to complete on this build are poison, bleed, pierce and chaos.
    So you’re looking for the combination of any of the following prefixes and suffixes: incorruptible, impervious (poison/pierce), of readiness, light bringer, of the gildam arcanum, menacing, … anything that helps you with a big boost to the aforementioned stats. This item is tedious to farm because it only spawn on watcher Brandis who is far in port valbury. Its easier to look for the correct complementary affixes on the rings once you have found a good chain of brandis.

    Last but not least is to go for the living rings, you can easily get them from Vinelton in ancient grove. The trick is to reset its merchandise by exiting the zone to the south then re-enter. Its long and boring but easy. Just prepare in advance the list of affixes you’re looking for.

    Once you have all the items, use augments to achieve the resists overcap, you can also sacrifice a bit of armor absorb on the legs for another ugdenbog leather.

    For the rest of the stuff, I’d advise trading on steam and/or farming SR as soon as you can. Vinelton can sell a blueprint of the non mythical version of trozan hat and the non mythical starfury emerald it can also helps if you’re starting from scratch. I’d also be happy to help anyone who need to craft the mythical trozan set (but you have to provide the materials), I also have some spare mythical starfury emeralds.

This is my first and only build I ever played on grim dawn so I’m open for suggestions and improvements :grinning: . Thank you if you have read this far (sorry for my broken english) and I cannot recommend you enough to give a try to trozan druids, they are a lot of fun!

Resources used:
Devotion guide by sir_spankalot
Original Trozan set druid by DmT
End game stats by Nery