[] KAMEHAME-HA! DW Cold Infiltrator Gunslinger. (Mogdrogen, Lokarr, SR 75-76, Gladiator 150-170, Dungeons)

:damage_cold: >>> GRIM TOOLS LINK <<< :damage_cold:

:snowflake: >>> ALT. GT, LESS OA & DMG BUT WITH GHOUL AS A SAFETY NET<<< :snowflake:

Felt like sharing this dw cold gunslinger infiltrator with you + I didn’t rly find any other so here we are… :partying_face:
While it is by no means the most durable, strongest or fastest build out there it sure is a fun one with lots of eye candy as well. :snowflake: :comet:

The build is capable of doing Avatar of Mogdrogen, Lokarr, SR 75-76 & Gladi 150-170 and farming MC dungeons.

Avatar of Mogdrogen:


SR 75-76

Cruci 150-170



Van Aldritch



I haven’t tried all celestials on it yet but maybe I will in the future & add them later.

If you have any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism, please feel free to post it bellow! :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:

Cheers, Mergo. :wink:


Keen to give this a go mate, looks good. Cheers for putting it up :grinning:

Ur welcome! :sunglasses:


Added screenshots for: Avatar of Mogdrogen, Lokarr & all dungeons.

would love to try this build out.

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thanks for considering it! :partying_face:

time to start leveling! :wink:

I this build playable starting out with none of the gear?

Thought about taking RoH? Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Woulb be too much button pressing / too squishy / another RoH build then I suppose.

Nope, I didn’t.
Just wanted a cold gunner toon with lots of pew pew.
If I were to do RoH infil I’d go with northern wyrm xbow & chillspikes.
However, fairly sure this toon would work just fine with added RoH. :slight_smile:

Not really sure on that one.
Even tho I played gunslingers up to 100 without any gear / ssf and did fine, so in theory you should be ok.

However, if ur asking if you would get the same or similar results than this build without much gear the answer is no.

Sure is! :partying_face:
The two bosses in question I facetanked FYI.
Gotta be mindfull in cruci, gargabol 2nd phase, certain sr bosses & vs mogdrogen.

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So just got the rare version of the ring, is there any reason not to use it?

By “rare ring” I guess you mean the blue version?

If yes there are a bunch of reasons… less total speed, less max % dmg, a worse proc but most importantly the blue version lacks piercing to cold dmg conversion.

Dunno why i thought the build was using the blue ones, my bad on that one

Np :wink:
Ur welcome!

Any updates on this build since

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Build still works!
Thx to the added passthrough to chilling rounds even better. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the reply! Got one at 76 right now working to endgame

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Hey mate, the grim tools show that Revenant’s Raise the Dead isn’t bound to anything. Is this intentional?

That’s cuz I did NOT spec into raise the dead.
The path to it was taken for the passive boni only.
We use Elemental Storm for flat RR here. :sunglasses:


Hey, first of all nice build! But is this build HC viable?

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