[] Nidalla's Bastard - Melee WPS/SS WH [1.7] - Now With 4/6 Celestials, SR75+, CR 170

Why so many points in Nidallas Justifiable means? I would one point that skill, as well as RoS and Circle of Slaughter. Put the points in dual blades, LA, and Night’s Chill Also no AQC like Gnome mentioned. I would put in Beronath AA as well. But I have zero experience with acid/poison builds so take my advice with a grain of salt :wink:

Because in conjunction with Mad Queen’s Claw it converts all pierce damage to acid :wink: And stacks flat acid and poison damage as well. Might steal some points from it though for AQC and see if that helps with dps.

As for CoS - soft capping it increases my chance of dodging attacks and hits enemies with yet another DoT to increase chances of Manticore proccing.

No worries, my brain works in weird ways so this stuff helps me work stuff you when it comes to builds

Blade spirit - ran out of space on the 2nd bar, already have enough stuff to proc everything too.

AQC - good point, I’ve got that extra point floating around so I’ll stick it in there.

Components - deeeeeeeerp, I think the point was to stack health, since Witch Blades are usually pretty squishy and I’ve seen first hand how well a big health bar can save your butt. Also given the time it takes to get ugdenbloom I usually try and limit the number of components that use them needed in a build. Though due to using this build to farm blooms I have a stash of 300 now :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, taking in account your’s and foehammer’s posts + my experience with the crucible, here’s the quickly revised build: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Trades some damage and -OA for more RR + softcaps Aspect of the Guardian. Which I can in theory get up to 16/12

Which I try here: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Though I don’t think the loss in WPS dps is quite worth another 2% physical resistance.

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appreciate you elaborating on your choices :+1:
always enjoy picking builder’s brains and why they make XY choice, specially when someone doesn’t do what i do/might have

probably worth to mention, that aside from spirits being fantastic proccers, ring of steel on acid spray probably isn’t the best proccer for that devo (sorta my main pondering to why you didn’t pick them)
full hotbar i def understand tho :sweat_smile: tried that more than once, specially on pet builds :woozy_face:

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They are good but I don’t think they are top tier. I remember (hopefully not just imagined it) testing them + Rumor on 1 dummy in Homestead and they couldn’t keep it up permanently. This is not Storm Box / Ravenous Earth league.

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were you using 1 spirit or 2 :sweat_smile:
def never had an issue with spirits/pets keeping up rumor or acid spray on single targets
and obv in aoe scenarios blade spirits shine even more
but, agree, few things are in RE or SBox league, probably a good thing too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

also worth to note, that for whatever reason, imagined/hallucinated or “button pressing perception bias”, i feel like pets trigger devo procs a lot more, if you repeatedly spam the attack command button rather than just order them once

From what I can see in game RoS procs Manticore every time I use it, which if I’m remembering it right, overides the -20 flat RR from the rings with the -28 flat RR from Manticore.

Oh and thanks, getting me to think about this stuff helps because depression and sleep debt lead me to miss minor stuff or forget to do something constantly.

Anyhow, guess I better clear my shared stash (and start some builds for the gear in there) and then I can return to tweaking this build and running Crucible + another SR70-75 run.


Huh, I wonder if this would work out okay: Witch Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator Looses a lot of attack speed though, but makes up for it by shredding acid resistance another 40% from the + skills, skill modifier and suffix effect. Though the trade off is only 24/26 for BoD and loose of +skills Venomlash gives…

I noticed something like that too on dummies

@Gnomish_Inquisition Bad Test Blade Spirits not top tier proccer video proof:

However maybe it’s because of weird dummy placement near the wall and dummy size?
Because they seem to proc Bat pretty well when I tested them today actually on dummies in Devil’s Crossing (and only 1 dummy).
Not sure if it’s definitive but SB and RE would keep it up w/o problems I suppose.

Also I haven’t check my OA - w8

what’s the OA there? :thinking:
mine gets much better results

also no way it’s not better than ring of steel, which has 3sec cooldown and only 50% proc chance, which means a guaranteed 3sec wait if it fails with a 1/2 chance to proc
meanwhile you get like 30% proc chance per second/more with blade spirits (2x15)

bat does have a nice 10% extra proc chance
i also notice that on these types of procs(rumor) blade spirits/pets seem to do them at the same time, so you get like 2x applications, then a full cycle of wait then maybe 2x applications in a row again

well yea, re is like a 8projectile shotgun with a tick rate of 0.8 sec, storm box is a 1sec dot with a cast speed scaled dot on top, - while both being a cooldown skill increase base proc chance, hence why few things compare to them
main comparison here was the Ring of Still trigger

yep, I had shit OA, 82% chance to hit :laughing: I’ll retest

I don’t think they have increased chance based on cooldown.
Their duration should scale it down to 15% again

@Gnomish_Inquisition I retested with much higher OA (100% hit chance) and it still looks the same.
I should make a mod / or spawn real enemy (and be invisible), maybe it would look different

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RE gets increasd chance because long cooldown, 28% chance on my screen, Sbox does indeed keep base chance
but tether still acts as an additional dot trigger, that scales on cast speed

i can’t record, all i can say is that i get high uptime on mine (right now) :thinking:

edit, did a couple of runs on ternox and ekket zul, since i’m not using GI i obviously can’t tell with 100% accuracy, but eyeballing it, purely letting blade spirits kill them (along with some item procs can’t avoid), def seems like they have/had no issue keeping up rumor on those guys - even with me running around trying to avoid taking dmg

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Right, so the modded build now has 97% RR for acid!

Seems it can kill a dummy as fast as it last did, now to clear out the stash some more, because I went through all my builds looking for set parts to finish off some sets and found Targo’s, Ghol’s and Rimetounge + 75 level Dreeg set to transmute them to have the set. And then more Crucible testing.

Tomorrow, because I’m not particularly awake enough for seat of the pants stuff due to not getting enough sleep :sleeping:

(I also need moar mules again lawl.)


CR 170 Gladiator done, finally, all blessings and 4 stormcaller beacons. Only ran it once, say about 10 minutes from the time left on the blessings. took that long because I’m not a crucible regular. But with Golemborne boots and smart use of skills it’s definitely a repeatable run and naked 100-150 is possible now, rather than deads to the wasp queens.

SR performance is about where’d you’d expect, but clearing 75-76 with only freeze and health regen pots is doable, suspect it would be more safe with Golemborne Boots. Just need to remember to use Murmur’s Kiss when circuit breakers are on cooldown and run when need be. But I like the balance of risk/reward this build now has.

Now to use the Tester save file I finally got my hands on to go kill Ravager finally, and retest Cally. Because I might now be able to stand up to her with the Crucible spec. And rework the Shadow Strike version, because giving one of those MI’s the “of the Abyss” suffix would help hugely with resistance reduction.

Really cool lookin bastard! Too bad i have serious problems on playing this class, hard AF to stay alive

download (18)

Well, the royal jewels set is really, really good for improving survivability in the mid game before you can get other gear. Made my run with the prototype for this build (played since 2014) go from dying regularly to cruising through everything. Key things are to cap out PB and BoD asap since they’re your main sustain until you can get more attack damage converted to health.

Edit - right, forgot the other jewels set that helps - Adornments of Valiance was excellent for survivability until level 75. Unfortunately it’s also the hardest set to get completed >_<

i.e. I have 3500hrs in GD and only about 2 of them floating around and enough pieces to make another 2-3 with transmuting them.

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Quick question on Solael’s Witchfire… Did you take it only for the attack speed? I don’t see any vitality dmg on the gear. Thanks!

Only for attack speed memory, also found using the MI belt increases damage somewhat by converting the flat vitality to cold:

Weirdly going to acid with the other belt doesn’t add much in the way of dps and I have no idea why that’s the case.

Also, still need to do a rework on it to wean if off the double rares etc. But my severe ADHD is getting in the way of doing anything Grim Dawn related at the moment due to burnout from testing theory crafted builds >_< As this needs moar testing to see if I can convert some of the flat chaos to acid and still maintain it’s capabilities.

Anyhow, will probably swap out the rings for an MI vine one + an acid epic/legendary one to cover resists better. When I get around to it ;-;

But my brain’s already spinning ideas lawl…