[] The Desert Dragon: Korvan Wyrm Vindicator (SR 85)

“And though she is the cruelest of lovers, starving and burning those who seek her pleasures, I shall return to her. For the desert calls to me and I shall always answer.”

Hello again. This is a themed primal strike build based around an item that most people probably have gathering dust in their stash somewhere. The Korvan Wyrm doesn’t have much of a favored history in the game. Other than the nice aesthetic of yellow seals and lightning strikes, it’s remained more of a novelty weapon until recently.

I posted a prototype build last year in The Great Ranged Balance Discussion Thread as a way to contribute (lots of neat builds in there, btw). I also took some inspiration from this thread by @tqFan. Anyways, the build could do 75-76 runs but was kinda slow. Then I took another game break and promptly forgot about it. Now with the latest buffs to the Wyrm and physical damage changes, I figured it was time to pull this guy out of retirement and stalk the wasteland once again.

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So after some retooling of the original and testing, I’ve come up with this. I’ve posted two vids below, one a 75 run with some clear footage and boss room. Then an 85 boss room clear. The only difference between the two is swapping Deathstalker relic for Azrakaa’s, which I’ll go into more next.


Our Korvan Wyrm, of course. Shattered Realm set for defenses and the +2 all skills. Grasp of Unchained Might converts all piercing into physical. These represent the core pieces. Basilisk Crest is our one green item and is easy to vendor farm a decent one from Vinelton. Although it lacks attack speed, the mods to Word of Renewal make it ultimately superior, imo.

Ring slots, belt, boots and relic are somewhat flexible based on what you have available.

Example: You can use Ring of the Black Matriarch in place of Astral Ruminations, but then you’d need to swap in Feralmane Legplates to still achieve a 26/16 Primal Strike. I’ll list some more examples of “flex” gear that I’ve used but I’ve found the linked combo to be the most reliable in terms of all-around offense and defense.

Legs: Feralmane Legplates
Boots: Mythical Windshear Greaves
Belts: Mythical Gladiator’s Distinction, Mythical Storm Sheperd, Avenger’s Girdle
Medal: Mythical Sigil of the Bear King, Mythical Beast Slayer’s Mark
Relic: Deathstalker, Azrakaa’s Epoch, Eye of the Storm

Attack speed is an obvious drawback. It’s tough to get over around the 175% mark without sacrificing too much OA.


-Crossroads yellow
-Assassin’s Blade
-Crossroads blue
-Eel (then refund crossroad blue)
-Lotus (then refund crossroads yellow)
-Sailor’s Guide
-Crossroads green
-Crossroads purple
-Hydra (then refund crossroads purple)


Pretty simple. For lower-tiered content, charge into stuff with movement skill of choice and drop seal and wendigo. Cast storm box on tougher enemies which gets Eye of Korvaak procs going. Then start raining down that pretty gold lightning. You can play around with a different skill binding setup but I’ve found storm box w/ tether to be the best for it. Word of Renewal has a long uptime with Basilisk Crest, so you can save it for heals.

If you prefer a slightly lazy version you can bind Korvaak to Deathstalker. He’s not terrific at proccing it due to his slow attack animations but it’s fine for 75-76 farms.


SR 75 run with some clear footage and boss room. Deathstalker relic used.

SR 85 boss room with Azrakaa’s.

As you can see, both Deathstalker and Azrakaa’s perform similarly. I kinda like the latter for thematic purposes. You know, ancient desert warrior and all that. But, use whatever you like. SR 90 can be reached as well but it’s hard to do deathless. Bad mutators, especially attack speed debuffs will ruin the day. ADCTH just can’t keep up with big damage.

I don’t play much Crucible because I’m bad at it, but the build should do ok with it. So that’s about it I think. Some of the choices I’ve made here were for the purpose of the theme, so there’s probably a better Korvan Wyrm build out there. If you find it, show it off!

See you out there, among the burning sands.